Its time to better manage your most valuable assets

Posted on by Patryk Lazarz

Account for your most valuable assets

If your business needs to track fixed assets for accounting purposes, such as vehicles, machinery, hardware or office equipment, MYOB EXO Fixed Assets is ideal for you. It fully integrates with your General Ledger and provides tools to manage all your assets, including:
  • Purchase
  • Location and tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Depreciation
  • Disposal
  • Asset revaluation
  • Reporting

Location and tracking

Tracking assets is...
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Top Five Indicators of a Company in need of an ERP

Posted on by Patryk Lazarz
  1. Data File Too Large/Large Number of Concurrent Users
Once the data file of a server-based small business accounting system becomes too large, the operation of the system can slow down considerably or even start crashing. This leads to user frustration as it takes them longer to complete routine tasks and significantly lowers productivity, particularly if the...
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5 New MYOB Exo Updates that will increase your output by 11%

Posted on by Patryk Lazarz
MYOB continues to improve and expand on MYOB EXO products and services in order to make your life that little bit easier. But how has Exo Business changed? Updated User Interface Style We have improved the design it is now cleaner and easy to use and enhancements to the windowing controls make it easier to manage and...
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