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Each business owner wants to make their business life easier and more productive.  Making sure you have the right tools for the job is the first step. AlphaBiz Solutions has developed a Window Cutting & Costing software solution that will modernise your current business your employees more productive but most of all make life easier for you, the owner.

This software solution has been built from ground up to cater for small to medium companies looking to manage their cutting and costing with ease, speed, reliability and precision, with an affordable investment. The simple and intuitive interface will take zero to no time in learning, all you have to is enter the information and the software itself will do the hard yards.

Continue reading below for detailed information and screenshots of the software, and if you are ready to modernise your internal cutting and costing solution then give AlphaBiz a call on 08 9277 2226.

Developed by AlphaBiz Solutions

Admin / User Features

  • Remember last user name logged into the system
  • Multiple databases
  • Reindex database files
  • Set background image
  • Show current database source
  • Show current user
  • Show current date and time
  • Easily find user or specific information
  • Ability to login as another user without having to exit the application
  • Maintain users and its permissions

General Features

  • Cost effective & Affordable
  • Simple and efficient
  • Customizable (Developer is AlphaBiz)

Export / Import Raw Data from a Different Database or Company Files

  • Materials
  • Finish
  • Glass
  • Formulas
  • Shapes

 System Configuration

  • Standard terms definition
  • Easily apply cost variation to all raw costs
  • Convert and import raw data from previous versions of Window Cutting & Costing System
  • Reindex database files to improve performance

 Industry Features

  • Maintain list of raw materials
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of materials
  • Maintain list of raw finish
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of finish
  • Maintain list of glass, mesh and fly screens
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of glass, mesh and flyscreens
  • Maintain list of frames
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of frames
  • Maintain list of shapes
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of shapes
  • Attach image of shape
  • Easily design window frame shape

Management Features

  • Maintain list of customers
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of customers
  • View customer’s existing quotes and jobs
  • Maintain list of suppliers
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print list of suppliers
  • View supplier’s existing orders
  • View list of all quotes and jobs
  • Easily find specific quote or job
  • Select customer and guidance criterias to quote
  • Recalculate quote
  • Create multiple versions of a quote
  • Add multiple window frames to the quote
  • Edit quote terms for specific customer
  • View list of all existing jobs
  • Maintain list of orders
  • Easily find specific information
  • Print order
  • Preview, print, save or send by email

If you would like a demo of how this affordable software can help your business
give us a call on 08 9227 2226 or fill out the form below.

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