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Improve your inventory management with a powerful stock control system that tightly integrates with all aspect of your business from manufacturing to retail point of sale system, so you know up to the minute quantity and value of stock. One of the biggest challenges we hear companies go through is once they reach a certain size they lose control and visibility of their stock.



Do any of these needs apply to you ?

  • Manual processing of stock orders and having to write out the same information again to deliver or/and invoice the order
  • Customers have to wait for you to get back to them to see if you have stock on hand
  • Spending hours to work out or guess on how much stock you need to hold to keep up with orders
  • Don’t have full visibility and management of where stocks are in the multiple warehouses, aisle or shelves
  • Manually trying to work out the true cost of imported goods
  • Having to shut the doors to perform end of year stocktake? Wouldn’t it be nice to process monthly stocktakes to get the true quantity and value of your stock holdings?
  • Having to manually update your website with new stock and whenever stock is purchased, having to create a delivery and/or invoice from the picking list
  • Do you spend too much time working out if you have enough components to build or manufacture goods?
  • Unable to efficiently track your warrantied items
  • How long does it take you to analyse the multiple aspects of your sales team, customers, products sold over time to assess sales performance and plan improvements. Is it possible?
  • Do you deal with those major trading partners like Bunnings or Woolworths and have to manually download the orders then re key the deliveries and/or invoices back to them?
  • Does your goods mysteriously grow legs and walk out of the building? Does your current system let you delete invoices, risking loss of evidence transactions “supposedly” made to the customer

If any of these points hit the nail on the head then scroll below to see the calculation of what profit you can expect while how much time you could be saving in your business from an end to end ERP solution.




Our Software Solutions are

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  • MYOB EXO Business

    MYOB EXO Business

    Is a fully integrated ERP system software consisting of modules supporting Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Job & Project Costing, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Serviceable Units, OnTheGo Mobile Application,...
  • Sybiz Vision Classic

    Sybiz Vision Classic

    Sybiz Vision Classic | Accounting Systems We understand that you need to meet real business needs in the most cost effective way. We take time to understand your exact needs through a needs analysis of your daily business activities ...


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