Job Costing Software System


Our Job Costing Management Solution

A fully featured solution for complete job costing management. It is designed to accommodate the whole life cycle of a job or project from quote and budget, all the way through to profitability analysis and variance reporting.  Your project information will be always up to date to the last cost or billing transaction. As a result you will have tighter cost control, less disputes regarding mid-job amendments and increased profitability overall. And with greater information about the current status of a job, you are far better placed to make decisions as the job progresses.

Who’s our Job Costing Software System Suitable for?

Our Job Costing software system is perfectly suited for larger, more complex small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to:

  • Accommodate many concurrent users from multiple locations and departments without affecting the performance of the system
  • Have complete visibility across the entire organisation and better information to help make quick, accurate and informed decisions critical to the success of the business
  • Manage the business processes, data, staff, customers and suppliers in an efficient and organised manner
  • Eliminate the need for manual processes, multiple spreadsheets and systems that don’t communicate with each other
  • Eliminate ‘time theft’
  • Streamline workflows
  • Support business growth

Every business has different requirements for cost control and analysis and, for this reason, our software is simple and intuitive to suit small operations, yet it is robust and flexible enough to suit a larger, more complex business. Our Job Costing software is ideal for a wide range of businesses including those in service industries such as Advertising and Media, Engineering and Civil engineering firms, General construction, etc.

Key Benefits and Features of our Job Costing Software System

Job and project planning and scheduling

  • Plan resources, job duration and delivery time through this powerful graphical and hierarchical tool. You will be able to quickly identify any conflicts that exist with your resources
  • Manage inventory issues, staff and equipment time cards and job billing

Master and multiple sub jobs

  • Manage larger projects more efficiently by creating sub jobs. This allows more effective management of component deliverables, while maintaining the ability to consolidate and report on the larger project against defined budgets

Flexible estimating

  • Easy and accurate estimating
  • Customisable quote forms allowing varying levels of detail to be presented to customers

Job templates

  • Quote more efficiently with templates created from previous jobs, easily updated with current pricing

Estimates vs. actual

  • Detailed quotations can be generated and stored for comparison with actual job costs to highlight variations using graphical analysis display

Purchase orders

  • Multiple purchase orders can be raised for any job or combination of jobs on one order. Deliveries can be placed against jobs before invoicing and then updated later, with invoice details allowing for real-time processing
  • Buyer-created tax invoices can also be entered against jobs from the purchase order for subcontractor management

Integrated job costing

  • Allows you to track both time and material charges over the course of contract jobs or projects
  • Manage multiple cost and charge out rates per employee or resource
  • Add labour, purchases, subcontracts, materials and charges to jobs

Job analysis

  • Ability to analyse various areas of each job including Job Status, Job Types, Job Categories, Cost Groups, Cost Types, Job Resources and Quote Terms. Snapshots of the job allow you to easily see how you are tracking to quote/budget

Fast timesheet entry

  • Timesheets can be entered directly against the job or through the direct timesheet entry screen. Designed to eliminate many of the problems surrounding time capture, it makes it easy for your team to keep project information up to date

Mark-ups and discounts

  • Job Costing enables you to mark up or discount costs on job costs. Items can be adjusted by type or individually
  • Charge using a variety of mark-up methods or an agreed total price

Effective supply management

  • Maintain bill of materials and use Job Costing to control the manufacturing process of stock for customers (to order) or for stocking
  • Allocate stock directly to jobs from inventory
  • Configure bill of materials / kit sets uniquely to each job
  • Manage serialised stock from allocation to supply

Fast, accurate and flexible invoicing

  • Once a job or a stage of a job is complete, you can invoice the customer immediately without having to re-key any information. The charge details are taken directly from the job and can be printed in a variety of invoice formats with as much or as little information as you want
  • Multiple methods of billing including time and materials (actuals), as quoted and milestone or claim schedules
  • Invoice jobs in batches or individually for efficient job billing

Progress billing and retentions

  • Enables the grouping of quote and/or actual lines within a job to be invoiced on a partial or ‘contract’ basis
  • Retentions can be specified against individual jobs based on a percentage of the job’s value or as a fixed amount which will be automatically retained for later invoicing
  • Track retentions per claim or progress invoice

Payroll integration

  • Our Job and Project Costing software can be integrated with payroll. Using the timesheet entry facility in Job Costing the labour charged to each job produces timesheet data that can be sent directly to payroll eliminating double entry

Task scheduler

  • The task scheduler makes it easy for individuals to see which jobs they have been assigned to andto drill down into the job details. Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to keep your Microsoft Outlook calendar up to date with your assigned jobs

Contact and document management

  •  You can store contracts, images and plans against specific projects creating a single repository for important information allowing access for all involved

Managing profitability in real time

  • Combined with the Accounting module, the Job Costing reflects all your project information in the General Ledger
  • Accurately tracks work in progress in the General Ledger
  • Project information is always up to date to the last cost or billing transaction – easier to clearly see the budget, the current profitability and the expected profitability of a job  at any time
  • With more information readily available that reflects the current status of a job, you’re better placed to make educated decisions as each job progresses
  • Tighter cost control, fewer disputes regarding mid-job amendments, and increased profitability overall

Simple dashboards and management reports

  • Easy to read graphical management dashboards and reports that can be customised to suit your individual business needs. It allows you to plan resources, track equipment hours, labour hours, materials purchased,subcontractor costs, and inventory used on jobs and projects
  • Flexible reporting via in-built report writer

Business alerts engine

  • Customisable job alerts that monitor the status and progress of jobs
  • Improve cost control by configuring rules that the system monitors and enforces using the business alerts engine

Click on the link below to find out more about our Job Costing software system and download factsheets:

Job Costing Software System

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