MYOB EXO Business

Is a fully integrated ERP system software consisting of modules supporting Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Job & Project Costing, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Serviceable Units, OnTheGo Mobile Application, Intercompany, Analytics and Reporting. These modules can be packaged up to ensure the final solution is a perfect fit for your company.

EXO Business will enable you to manage your information in an efficient and organised manner, gain complete visibility across your organisation and will assist you to make quick educated decisions essential to the success of your business.

If you are interested in a more customisable business management solution and have some specific industry requirements, we can help.

An accounting & distribution management system for medium sized and larger businesses.

MYOB offers a suite of products called MYOB EXO which are
specifically designed for medium sized to larger businesses.
MYOB EXO Finance is the core module within EXO Business
and is a powerful business accounting and distribution
management solution.

It provides complete visibility across
your entire organisation assisting you to make educated,
timely decisions essential to the success of your business.
EXO Finance enables you to effectively manage your business
processes, data, staff, customers and suppliers in an efficient
and organised manner.

Key features and benefits

  • Accounting and finance
  • Customer management
  • Sales order and distribution, purchasing and stock control
  • Reporting and analytical dashboards
  • Reduce administration workload
  • Streamline distribution process handling
  • Allocate time saved to other areas of your business
  • Improve stock control
  • Minimise costly errors through real time analytics.

Work anywhere, anytime

Whether you have 20 staff or 200 you can remotely access via terminal services or, if you can access the internet, you can access EXO Finance 24/7 via our MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner Program.

MYOB EXO Finance – Fully integrated & flexible

  • Automate business processes
  • Streamline workflows
  • Eliminate the need for multiple systems
  • Accommodate hundreds of users
  • Supports business growth
  • Better manage Australian and New Zealand business demands.

EXO CRM has many key features that will enhance the operational efficiency of your business.

There are many benefits of EXO CRM being integrated with the EXO Business system:

  • It enables a complete view of each prospect or customer across your entire organisation
  • Provides you with live stock levels, anywhere, anytime – ensuring that customers can always be quoted accurately on stock availability and delivery timelines
  • Current pricing is available when creating quotations to ensure that any pre-existing pricing agreements with customers are respected
  • Data is live, not duplicated which ultimately means a reduction in error through elimination of manual input or re-keying of data

Newly added features:

  • Marketing campaign capability – users are able to manage their marketing campaigns as a complete end to end process including tracking campaign costs and return on investment
  • Re-usable contact lists – lists can be created using any segmentation requirements for use in marketing communications or bulk contact needs such as calling overdue debtors
  • Social CRM features – Social media integration capabilities deliver a true 360-degree view of your customers and prospects while enabling you to better engage with key stakeholders in a compelling manner
  • Live integration with EXO Finance – enables access to real-time, accurate customer information including opportunities, orders and pricing arrangements – anywhere, any time

Please click below to download MYOB Customer Relationship Management – CRM facthseet (PDF):

Please click below to download MYOB EXO factsheets (PDF):

MYOB EXO Accounting
MYOB EXO Accountant's Assistant
MYOB EXO Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
MYOB EXO Job & Project Costing
MYOB EXO Serviceable Units
MYOB EXO Point of Sale (POS)
MYOB EXO Fixed Assets
MYOB EXO Intercompany Reporting

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