Alchemex BI Reporting



ALCHEMEX Smart Reporting software is the BI tool of choice for a number of leading accounting and payroll software packages offering packaged solutions for the following install bases to get you up and running immediately to generate real-time, automated and pre-formatted Excel reports.

Developed and priced for anyone to use, Alchemex Smart Reporting yields powerful results:

  • Real Time Reporting – reporting data is always live at report run time.
  • Enhanced productivity and presentation-ready with prebuilt reports.
  • Time and money saved by easily adapting templates for your custom needs.
  • Automated customer, financial, payroll, sales, inventory, and production reports.
  • Access to Transaction level details with powerful drill-down capabilities.
  • Graphical representation of information for a complete snapshot overview of your business.
  • Powerful consolidations across multiple across multiple companies or divisions.
  • No need to setup data connections within Microsoft Excel.
  • Report Designer enables rapid design of new Financial Reports with minimal effort.
  • Automate monthly managerial report distributions.

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