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Here’s how to put your business on autopilot regardless of what industry you are in. Forget management by Trial & Error or Management by Fighting Fire.


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41029478_sLearn the Real Science of Business Systems…

Free yourself from the micro-managing treadmill.

They have outcomes that will make your business operate at best practice. Their systematic step by step program will deliver 18 clear outcomes that will replace disorder with order leading to a more efficient, profitable business. There is no compromise on the accuracy and clarity in these outcomes. Once reached you will be able to reduce your hours and even step out of your business.

410fdsfasdfd29478_sNational Experience

Be the industry leader.

While they are based in Perth, numerous companies across Australia undertake KolbeAU Training. 100’s of awards have been won by Kolbe clients locally, nationally and internationally for business excellence, best practice and industry leadership.

41029478_sLearn how to identify and implement effective company Policy

Tired of having staff and management making the same mistake over and over again?

Things getting a bit frustrating within the business as you grow? Every group of people needs governance. Establish your laws of the land by writing common sense company policy that will take you on a path of continuous improvement resulting in your business being ahead of your competition.

410sdfsdf29478_sHire competently and Induct professionally

The first key to bring on new team members. Get this right then your training is much easier. We will provide you with training and all the templates you need to make this process smooth and effective.

410294dsdf78_sLearn how to design usable Job & Procedure Manuals

7 Reason Why KolbeAU is the Best Place for Procedure Manuals

  1. Based off Your Organising Chart – A clear defined scope of work.
  2. Easy to Find & Access – Staff and Directors can view, aligned to your Organising Chart.
  3. Full Training Videos – Guiding you step by step through the process.
  4. Tracking Functionality – Keep track of your Procedure Manuals development with our Rollout feature.
  5. Best Practice Format – Based off world class best practice methodology.
  6. Template Provided – All you need to do is fill in the gaps!
  7. Cloud Based – Upload Videos, Pictures and key Documents.
fdgfdgdfs41029478_sLearn how to have uniform Document Control

Hard copy and soft copy

You documents and your filing system is the intellectual property of the business. All documents should be uniformly filled and every stakeholder should know where to find any document. Base your entire document control off your colour coded organising chart so all staff know how to file and how to maintain a professional work environment. Now you don’t have to rely on any one particular person to find a document or file!

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