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Using many years of hands on experience and access to thousands of customers, Plus Software has developed a range of commercially available software packages that integrate with mid market systems to deliver cost effective benefit for all who use them. These products were developed with an understanding of “real-life” business requirements and have enriched the operational activities of our customers.

In addition Plus Software has developed custom software applications for 100’s of customers across many vertical industries. From simple SQL triggers, integrations to industry specific billing systems, right through to complex vertical market software solutions, Plus Software has the development resources and expertise to tackle it all.

Cash ManagementCash Manager

Cash Manager automatically analyses debtors & creditors & provides easy to understand cashflow forecasts with “What If” scenarios, over your next 30 days or longer. Cash Manager offers outstanding cashflow planning and management!

DataAutomatorData Automator

Data Automator magically imports and exports any data into and out of your Accounting, taking away mindless data entry and human error. It’s a smart tool to use for everyday data management…


SnapShot gives secure, real time information about your business, anywhere, anytime, to any device, displaying insightful business intelligence on visual Dashboards…

RapidAllocatorRapid Allocator

Rapid Allocator automates cost and revenues distribution within your accounting solution saving time and money. The software is a firm favourite within the financial department…

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