Time Clock and Attendance Systems

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Time and Attendance System is a management tool designed to improve payroll efficiency, provide accurate labour costing and reduce time theft. It allows you to track your labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management and accounting reports. It helps maintain an accurate roster system, through automatically calculating hours worked, the relevant loadings and allowances, and more.

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This data can be shared with Payroll and HRM software for payroll processing and with Accounting software for job costing, cost centre analysis and compliance requirements.

The time clocks use proximity tokens or cards, biometric finger and scanning face recognition to accurately capture your employees’ clocking times.

Who’s our Time and Attendance Software System Suitable for?

Our Time and Attendance software system is perfectly suited for any organisation looking to:

  • Maintain an accurate staff scheduling system
  • Automatically apply your organisation’s pay policies
  • Forecast payroll costs based on rosters
  • Process weekly totals automatically (and transfer to a compatible payroll software)
  • Automatically calculate a wide range of allowances
  • Track labour costs anytime and from multiple location
  • Captures the latest time recording, including Biometric readers, swipe cards, and barcode readers
  • Eliminate the need for manual processes, multiple spreadsheets and systems that don’t communicate with each other

Our Time and Attendance software system is suitable for any business that rosters employees. This powerful and flexible system will save your business time and money – accommodating the most challenging rosters with ease and providing an up-to-the-minute picture of who’s working in your business.

We recommend using our Payroll software system to automatically calculate accurate earnings, taxes, and deductions.

Multiple time capture solutions availablefaceid2-400-01-01

Timeclock: A versatile time clock that’s configured for your business using magnetic swipe-cards, barcode or biometric finger scanner modules (or both) to accurately capture your employees’ clocking times. The use of electronic time capture devices increases efficiency and accuracy in your operation, eliminating manual keying and duplicate data entry.

Timesheet: Allows employees to enter timesheet data through the use of the Employee Self Service module.

PC Clock: Allows employees to ‘clock in and out’ from their own or any designated PC on the company network – even at remote branches

Key Benefits and Features of our Time and Attendance Software System

Automate pay policies

  • Once customised it automatically applies your organisation’s pay policies and process weekly totals (which can be transferred to Payroll)

Automate manual calculations

  • Calculate ordinary time, overtime, allowances, public holidays, pre-planned personal leave, rounding, anchoring, breaks, exceptions and hours to pay

Track and manage employee time and labour costs

  • Accurately and easily track your labour costs and attendance trends with a range of reporting options, filtering conditions, sorting and summarising
  • Helps maintain an accurate scheduling system, automatically calculating hours worked, relevant loadings, allowances, and more
  • View employee’s daily or full history attendance including hours worked, start and finish times and absenteeism

Time-capturing functions to help payroll

  • Forecast payroll costs based on rosters
  • Data is shared with Payroll for payroll processing, job costing, cost centre analysis and compliance requirements
  • Help manage even the most complex payroll
  • It ensures you comply with Work Choices legislation on time and attendance recording and documentation

Reports available:

  • Daily Attendance – who worked when, where and for how long, plus identify employees that didn’t work, or worked times outside those expected
  • Payroll Posting – provides full details of the employee worked hours, for selected pay periods that will be posted to payroll
  • Missing Employee – provides details of employees who were expected to work a particular day and did not clock in or out
  • Customised reporting with clarity report writer

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Time and Attendance Systems

  • BioMetric Time and Attendance

    With the FingerTec time & attendance systems, you don’t have to key-in employee identification number or punch a time cards to record employee time. AlphaBiz Solutions offers national phone support but we are located in Belmont, Perth, WA. ...


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