BioMetric Time and Attendance


With the FingerTec time & attendance systems, you don’t have to key-in employee identification number or punch a time cards to record employee time.

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Biometricenegotiation is the next step in easy to use attendance systems. Users would only need to verify their enrolled fingerprint or face print at the device, which only takes seconds to verify, the future is here.

  • Quick and Accurate Bio-metric Face & Fingerprint Scan.
    No more Buddy-Punching.
  • Payroll Integration available.
    MYOB Account Right / Enterprise, WageEasy & Many more popular Payroll Systems. 
  • Free Management Software with any device.
    No on-going fees and no absurd support costs. 
  • Easy to Use.
    Intuitive software & device operation, can’t go wrong.

The FingerTec clocking system is not only easy to use but, the main advantage is its management control system where the data (time) recorded by the FingerTec unit can be transferred into a Windows based system via USB or through network.

 ta500 unit

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Some of our client’s comments

Swan Veterinary Hospital | FingerTec TA500

“Since installing the FingerTec system we have saved time and money on our payroll process. From saving time for the employees when they enter their hours, to the payroll staff who only take minutes now to run the fortnightly pays.

However the biggest benefit for us was that before the FingerTec system we were unable to get any... Read More

Orbit Fitness | FingerTec Q2i

Our employees were being quite forgetful, not filling out their time sheets all the time, sometimes even for nearly a fortnight.

Initially we got the time clocks from over east but they were expensive and unreliable and when the cost of support exceed the price of the devices, we looked into an alternative.

We... Read More


The employer or the manager can easily manage reports and data from the FingerTec unit via a computer and with this information employee’s attendance performance can be measured accordingly.

See below the current most popular options in the FingerTec Time & Attendance clocking devices lineup or give us a call on 08 9277 2226 for a free demo at your workplace.


intergartion 3rd party

Other advantage of using our FingerTec time and attendance software system is its integration with other payroll software. Even though FingerTec unit comes with its own software ‘TCMS’ to help process pays, it also allows integration with the most widely used payroll software’s on the market such as Wage easy, Sybiz and MYOB providing you convenience and helping you save time and money.

Best of all there is NO on-going fees for the software! 

In the end, FingerTec Time and Attendance software system is not only affordable but it also simplifies employee’s attendance and processing pays, in turn giving you the efficiency you need to manage your human resources!

dif face recognition

Face ID 2 is the latest bio-metrics product from FingerTec that combines face recognition technology, fingerprint technology and card technology in one sophisticated machine. It is loaded with a powerful microprocessor to collect precise data for time attendance and door access for premises and offices.

FingerTec Face ID 2 allows you to choose the verification option based on your preference and requirements – you can choose between face, fingerprint and card verification. Registration and shifting of verification modes can be done without much hassle, which makes Face ID 2 versatile for everyday office use.

It is not just in the movies anymore, this is reality! The Face ID 2 brings contact-less verification, tighter security and a user-friendly interface all into one compact device.