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Wage Easy empowers small and medium sized businesses

Wage Easy is a leading payroll software system, It’s designed for Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require a user-friendly and comprehensive payroll and HR software system. It is specially developed for Australian employment conditions and has helped thousands of small businesses, since 1983, to automate and streamline their payroll and HR functions.

Quickly and accurately pays your employees

Wage Easy ensures that you accurately pay your employees in line with modern awards and EBA’s (enterprise bargaining agreements). Our built-in award interpreter automates complex calculations, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Lets you focus on your core business

Running a business doesn’t leave you a lot of spare time for payroll. That’s why Wage Easy is simple and logical in design so you don’t need to be a payroll expert and can spend more time on what you’re passionate about.

Takes away the risk of non-compliance 

We invest in ongoing research and development to ensure that our software is up-to-date. This includes software updates that reflect the regulatory, legislative and tax changes as well as annual updates to selected modern awards to provide current wage rates.

Supports you when you need it 

It is important to us that you feel confident using our software. We have Help Desk support and in addition we offer training to give you tips and best practice guidelines for your day-to-day payroll and HR processes.

Key Features

Wage Easy’s payroll and HRM software system is easy to use, intuitive and integrated with your employees’ human resources data. Featuring a powerful award interpretation function, Wage Easy simplifies the process of paying your employees.

icon 6Award Interpretation
Remove the need for manual calculations with our built-in award interpreter that is configured in accordance with modern awards
and EBA’s.

icon 3Flexible Reporting
Make informed decisions on workforce costs with flexible reporting capabilities.

icon 5People Management
Efficiently manage your workforce and meet your human resources obligations with the ability to automatically email pay advices and payment summaries to your employees.


Icon 1Timesheet Import
Exchange data between third party business systems such as time and attendance, rostering, clock card and point of sale systems.

icon 2 Timesheet Import
Exchange data between third party business systems such as time and attendance, rostering, clock card and point of sale systems.

icon 4Streamlined Superannuation
Benefit from automatic superannuation contribution calculations for each employee.



Wage Easy is a modular payroll and HRM software system that grows with your business, meaning a number of additional modules can also be added to meet your changing requirements as your workforce increases.


Wage Easy Employee Services Portal (ESP)
Empower your employees and automate leave applications and approvals.

  • Reduce paper based HR processes: Store and manage employee records in Wage Easy ESP.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce administrative processes: Your employees can access and update their own key payroll information in their portal and view pay advices and payment summaries.
  • Streamline leave applications and approvals: Employees can apply for leave and applications can quickly be reviewed and approved by managers.



Track employee work hours from anywhere with remote and online timesheets.

  • Remote: Seamlessly import timesheets from multiple locations into Wage Easy and remove the need for emailed or faxed timesheets.
  • Online: Employees can input their own hours into the timesheet for each pay period, allowing your business to quickly and accurately manage remote employees.


Easy Business Analyser
Get a clearer picture of workforce costs and business performance.

  • Convenient: Simply generate detailed reports in excel format.
  • Customised: Effortlessly create and customise reports to
    cater for your unique requirements.
  • See the whole picture: Identify payroll trends at a glance
    with the Easy Business Analyser dashboard view.


Express Super
Minimise the time you spend on paying superannuation contributions and protect your business against non-compliance and processing errors.

  • Be compliant: Express Super has ATO gold certification, signifying it is a complete SuperStream solution that enables the electronic sending and receiving of data and messaging required for SuperStream compliance.
  • Simplify superannuation processing: Simply submit one contributions file and a matching EFT file and the clearing house seamlessly distributes numerous fund payments from within Wage Easy to multiple employee superannuation funds.
  • Increase accuracy: Rest easy with pre-payment data validation of your contributions file to reduce the risk of errors and returned payments.


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