Swan Veterinary Hospital | FingerTec TA500

“Since installing the FingerTec system we have saved time and money on our payroll process. From saving time for the employees when they enter their hours, to the payroll staff who only take minutes now to run the fortnightly pays.

However the biggest benefit for us was that before the FingerTec system we were unable to get any wage expense reports, with the new system we now able to produce detailed wage expense reports which have led us to make important strategic decisions.

The information showed our wage costs to be extremely high and so we were able to implement important changes and make our business more profitable, just by having the right information gathered by the FingerTec TA-500 time clock.

Today our employees prefer the new system as it’s easy to use and they don’t have to remember what time they started or finished, they just clock in and out.”

- Kimberley Nihill, Staff Manager

Posted on by Patryk Lazarz

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