Setting your 2021 Digital Strategy with ERP

29 December, 2020

Business team assessing their reports.With 2020 having been such a turbulent year, many businesses have been on survival mode with little to no planning of the upkeep of their ERP system. But now, as we wind down and buckle up for the year to come, there is an opportunity for organizations to review their digital improvement strategy for 2021, starting with their ERP solution.     

An ERP system is often the center of digital operations – holding vast amounts of business data and streamlining various processes within an organization. Because of this, when implementing a digital strategy, one must consider the ERP solution among the first things. Here are 5 stepping stones to your digital improvement: 

  1. Maximize the features of your ERP - Check latest release notes to see what’s available that you can take advantage of in your business.  

Here are some release notes of our ERP solutions for you to check out: 

  1. Keep your ERP solution up-to-date - It’s easy to fall behind and not be up-to-date on the latest releases, speak to your solution partner and plan the upgrade generally when it’s a quiet time of the year for you so you have able time to test the upgrade.  

Just this month, Sybiz released its latest version, which shows just how keeping your system updated can help you improve your business operations with new features. 

  1. Consult with your ERP solutions provider - If you haven’t met with your solution partner in the past the year, arrange a meeting, you’ll be amazed how much they can share on what digital transformation is possible within your ERP system. 

  1. Assess the business intelligence and report-making capabilities of your ERP system - Are you getting adequate reports and business intelligence out of the system that can be reviewed? 

  1. Make the most out of end-of-year promos - Most ERP vendors have end-of-year promotions. If you are taking on more people in the new year or need users on the system, speak to your business partner if there are any special promotions available.  

Businessmen brainstorming report dataA perfect example of this is MYOB Exo’s end-of-year promo which offers a great deal for existing customers.  

If there is one thing we have learned this year, it is that technology is vital in optimizing businesses and is advancing at such a quick pace. For small businesses, the best way to keep abreast with these changes is through proper planning and implementation in small stages – one stepping stone at a time.  

The AlphaBiz Team are always happy to discuss how we can help improve your business through our digital technologies. Contact us below to find out more about our solutions.