3 simple ways to stop buddy punching & manual time sheet in one swoop

AlphaBiz Solutions
12 August, 2015

Buddy punching has been a pesky problem since the very first Bundy time clock, anytime a company wanted to manage their employee’s attendance and see if they are doing their job, they would implement some sort of timekeeping system. From paper time sheets to roll calls, whatever it was buddy punching found its way in, but that’s all come to an end now.


Finally, a solution to end buddy punching is here, it would be ‘cool’ to say it’s the all new amazing solution, but even though it is amazing, it’s not new. This solution has been around for a while and each year becoming more affordable and feature packed, our solution is a foolproof and easy to use time and attendance system that inherently just cannot be tricked.

In this blog post, I will tell you how to you can stop buddy punching, manual time sheets, and time theft once and for all, without losing your head.

‘Buddy punching’ has been at its core a way to not get in trouble for being late but has become a way to cheat the system, especially when you do manual time sheets.

First of all, you need to have clear communication strategies between your management and the staff, this way any new company policies that are put in place are communicated clearly and effectively. If you need help with that click here.

We provide tools that when applied can effectively stop buddy punching and manual time sheets. The solution we are proud to sell is the FingerTec Time & Attendance system. This simple solution makes your payroll and time sheets digital and efficient. The hardware features both facial and fingerprint recognition meaning buddy punching is impossible, there is no way to fool the system.

A time clock also known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder, is a mechanical or electronic time controller used to assist in tracking the hours worked by an employee of a company.

Using the free software that comes with every device you are able to manage digitally and efficiently all your employees times and attendance, with a dozen of exportable reports you can keep total control and accountability in your business.

There is no high learning curve for the software and the system is extremely customizable to each business’s needs. We pride ourselves on continues support for each client and provide local phone support to make sure you never have to put your business on halt. If this looks too simple, it’s because it is, it is a solution that makes you say “how could I have lived without this”

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