5 add-on solutions to boost your business performance

12 December, 2018

“You’re only as good as the tools you use”Add-On image.png

The right tools (management solutions) will help your business run smoothly, give you the competitive edge in the ever-changing market, and allow you to scale up in an efficient way. Here are 5 add-on solutions that integrate easily with most accounting software to boost your business performance and help you operate with visibility and control:

1.  Cat-Tech EASEE: For a streamlined procurement process

EASEE (E-Procurement And Sales Enterprise Enablement) is a modular e-trading solution – an integrated e-procurement software suite spanning the buy-side, sell-side and trading hub spectrum. It is a flexible and fully scalable catalogue that enables organisations to do business with each other, and consumers, worldwide. EASEE is suitable for organisations of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the largest government departments and corporations. Find Out More

2. Concur: For a streamlined accounts payable process

Concur is a cloud-based business service that makes it simple to manage company spend. It automates your invoice management from purchase requests through payments for complete visibility, integrates all your expense data so you can manage spendings wherever, whenever it happens, and enables you to book travel, increase compliance and monitor spendings during travel. Find out more

3. ezyCollect: For a streamlined accounts receivable process 

ezyCollect integrates seamlessly with your accounting software to instantly deliver a snapshot of your accounts receivables in real time so you can take decisive action with greater cash flow insights. An all-in-one solution that automates manual tasks like emails, letters, scheduling phone calls, tracking conversations or even escalating to the debt collectors. Find out more

4. Web Ninja: For a quick and seamless way to sell online

Web Ninja helps you adapt your business to the ever-expanding online environment, bringing efficiency to both the online sale and back office fulfilment of orders. With your accounting software integrated with your e-commerce web-store, there’s no need for duplication of stock creation, 
maintenance & order re-keying. Simply add your data through your accounting software and let Web Ninja do the rest. Find out more

5. Snapshot BI: For the insight to operate with visibility and control

Snapshot Instant BI offers a unique Business Intelligence platform with a large range of ready to use Dashboards that give you the insight you need to operate with visibility and control. Instead of long complicated Reporting or Business Intelligence solutions, Snapshot can pull any data from any Financial, Payroll or any other SQL Database into an instant Dashboard immediately. All at low monthly “cancel anytime” cost, with an almost instant ROI. Find out more

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