5 new MYOB EXO updates that will increase your output by 11%

AlphaBiz Solutions
1 September, 2017

MYOB continues to improve and expand on MYOB EXO products and services in order to make your life that little bit easier. But how has Exo Business changed?

Updated User Interface Style

We have improved the design it is now cleaner and easy to use and enhancements to the windowing controls make it easier to manage and switch between common tasks


We have continued to build-out tools used by partners to adapt and extend Exo Business to your specific business requirements.
You can now set up more customized business alerts in more areas.
We have increased the number of extra fields supported for each screen, from 24 to 38.
External App developers will appreciate custom tables accessible via the MYOB Exo API and Exo Relay can now have up to 100 fields defined.
Stock Movements functionality, Period date controls, and General ledger account list can now be incorporated into custom development projects and add-ons. Particularly those focused on warehouse and manufacturing functions.

Integrated MYOB Platform web services

The Integrated cashbook for Bank Feeds automation, now supports more than 200 rows in a single batch – saving you time and effort. Some clients are claiming up to 28 hours per month are saved by removing manual processes.

You can now (optionally) verify the Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) and New Zealand Business Numbers (NBNs) of your suppliers and customers against a live ATO online service. Improving data accuracy, process automation, and save loads of time for accounts staff.

Enhancement to geolocation – now with a more formal structure to contact delivery addresses and now it even suggests corrections for you.

Numerous improvements to the GL Report Writer, more flexibility when designing; setting up percentage-based comparison columns budget versus actual or period comparisons.

You can now add drill through links to general ledger accounts on custom reports and grids to examine details.

For full details on this release and how you can upgrade, contact us.