5 major problems with paper based manual time sheets

AlphaBiz Solutions
22 August, 2017

The problem is that making sure your employees do the right thing can take too much time away from your own tasks, not just for you but also for your manager or site supervisor, and to be honest you shouldn’t have to. On the other hand, the payroll officer will also suffer, probably in silence, especially when they have to calculate the daily time sheets manually. They have to jump through multiple hurdles such as illegible writing, missed sign in’s, lost time sheets and delays in approvals. Time wastage is in the same categories as time theft, because of its impact over time, with no accountability to the process, your employees are wasting time on manual tasks.

Like I mentioned above, wasting time is in the same categories as time theft, time is the most valuable resource we have. Well, you have to ask yourself then, if there is a way to save yourself time and a ‘bonus’ of saving money why not take it.

Here are the 5 major problems with paper-based manual time sheets.

1.     Paper – Paper is inefficient, can be hard to read, easily damaged and lost but most of all it’s a wasted resource that can be avoided.

2.     Manual – Paper-based time sheets depend on manual labor to keep them updated and correct without human interaction they are useless, having someone manage means a lot of unnecessary effort. This costs money and time.

3.     Handwriting – Some people have terrible handwriting, it is an ultimate frustration to run through hundreds of lines trying to read what each person has written.

4.     Time Accuracy – However honest people are 50 people do not arrive all at 9:00 am every day and leave at 5:00 pm. In fact, with paper-based time sheets, the cue to sign on and off will take some time.

5.     Double Entry – Each person signs the paper but then the payroll officer will end up doing it all over again into their payroll system.

Paper-based time sheets waste both the employees’ and the payroll officer’s time, add in the step when the manager needs to approve each time sheet and you have yourself an inefficient paper cycle with multiple failure points. It doesn’t matter how much you trust your employees the best thing you can do for yourself and them is to have accurate times, because it’s not just the late ones but the ones that work harder than the others, who arrive early and stay late going the extra mile for your company, they should be recognised, but would you believe them if they signed in on paper by themselves, would they even put that down?

Here is one solution to break the cycle

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