5 things to consider when choosing a business to work with

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2 November, 2018

Business PartnersChoosing a business management software is a big decision involving both- your time & money. If you are in the process of buying one or have bought one in the past, you know how exhausting it can be to zero down to software that meets all your requirements, fits your budget and is easy to use.  

However, where businesses often go wrong is spending all most of their time researching for the best software and little or no time choosing the right business to work with i.e a business partner. Your business partner is just as critical as the software solution you chose to implement.

So, what is a business partner and why are they so important?

Most of the big software providers like MYOB & Sybiz, sell their products through an intermediary entity in the distribution channel- the resellers. These resellers act as an extension of the software company who are not just selling and implementing the software but also providing software training, ongoing maintenance and technical support to the businesses- the exact reason they are called 'Business Partners'.

Now, choosing and implementing a software system is a complex undertaking, requiring technological leadership and partnering to ensure success.  Here are five things you need to consider when choosing your business partner:

  The right business partner will invest time in understanding your pain points to offer you the most efficient and valid software solution to fit your unique business needs;

  They will work diligently to map out your business processes to ensure effective deployment of your software solution;

 The right partner will not only support your implementation but also offer ongoing support through training and other resources;

  Visionary not just vendors- Your business partner should know how to leverage the software for your business, by maximizing all of its nuances appropriately to meet specific industry and operational requirements.

 Finally, choose a partner who is dedicated to a long-term relationship.

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