5 tips to Safeguard & make sure JobsPlus remains usable

AlphaBiz Solutions
3 July, 2017

If now isn’t the right time to move off your JobsPlus system due to time and/or budget. Below are 5 tips to safeguard and make sure JobsPlus remains usable.

1.      If your JobsPlus integrates with your financial system (i.e MYOB Premier), do NOT upgrade your financial system as this breaks the connection. Using MYOB Premier as an example, it is a known fact that every year when MYOB release their latest version JobsPlus had to release an update on their program.

2.      JobsPlus is a ticking time-bomb, it could take a simple Microsoft Windows security update to break the system, there is no guarantee how long JobsPlus will continue to work. Get your IT to set up a standalone PC or laptop and disable the windows update.

3.      Make sure the database is backed up daily and if you haven’t performed a restore in a while, now is a good time to test it and open the restored database in JobsPlus to ensure the backup is working.

4.      Ask your IT to mirror the drives so if one disk fails the system will automatically switch to the mirrored drive.

5.      And finally, make copies of your installation files just in case you have to install the program again. If you don’t have a copy of the installation files we can provide one for you.

Even if you do change systems it’s likely you still need to look up historic quotes and jobs from time to time and so it’s just as important you try to extend the life of the program.