78% of employees steal from their boss, 2 ways to stop it

AlphaBiz Solutions
17 March, 2017

Time and attendance devices are becoming more and more popular with businesses around Perth. Dozens of small businesses with 20 employees or less are jumping on board to streamline their payroll process and capture correct time and attendance with FingerTec.

It could be the fact that it is affordable, but here’s the thing, the marketing for these devices is not aimed at small businesses, they are aimed at companies with 80 employees or more because that is when the FingerTec system really shines. At that level you would be cutting down how long you spend on your payroll from 3 days to just a few hours, the dollar value of that is easily calculated. In cases like that, there is a clear-cut return on investment.

So why are small business flocking to a system like this?

Firstly the return on investment of these devices happens quickly, basically within one pay cycle. What I have realized is that small business, are not just buying this system to save time on payroll, instead, they are seeking to make their business efficient streamlines. Here are the five biggest selling points of a FingerTec time and attendance system for small business.

  • Accurate times collected – No arguing or time theft.
  • A simple system that integrates with popular Payroll systems.
  • Intuitive software with no ongoing costs.
  • Ability to grow and expand the system for all needs.

Most small businesses buy this system on the spot, they can see the value and how it will help their business, on the other hand, I get ‘laughter’ and “is that all” comments from bigger companies, when I tell them the price. I am usually shocked when they tell me about other systems they have looked at, which lack the features and quality of FingerTec yet cost 5 times more. The main point that they all raised is how we have no ongoing fees while others have annual fees that go into the thousands.

Give us a call on 08 9227 2226 for a free demo at your premises so you can see exactly how it will help your business become streamlined and efficient, all while eliminating paper and time theft.