Beta spuds case study

AlphaBiz Solutions
20 September, 2017

Beta Spuds is one of the largest potato suppliers with the widest range of varieties in WA. Their processes include state-of-the-art technologies that enable them to ensure that their clients will only receive the freshest WA potatoes.

Beta Spuds has invested heavily into farming their own potatoes that enables them to produce in excess of 10,000 tonnes per annum. In addition to this, Beta Spuds also coordinates the planting and harvesting of potatoes with other WA growers throughout Baldivis, Busselton, and Gingin to guarantee a year-round supply of produce.

The Challenge

In September 2016 the Potato Market Corporation was abolished and resulted in the discontinuation of their Prospud system, used by Beta Spuds to:

  • Generate the preview invoices for the growers, and;
  • To preview the fees and royalties that were to be calculated for each delivery.

Beta Spuds reached Alphabiz Solutions to assist them in finding a unified solution to manage their invoices, payments and other business data needs.

Once we were engaged to work with Beta Spuds it was clear that their existing ERP solution was outdated and was causing a lot of inefficiencies and errors.

We needed to upgrade Beta Spuds to the newest Sybiz Vision solution that would be enhanced to their needs, enabling them to:

  • Automate the generation of invoices for the potato growers;
  • Generate invoices for the associated fees and royalties that needed to be calculated for each delivery;
  • Give the business owners and its management team instant visibility and access to the range of real-time data and reporting.

The Result

After the needs analysis was completed, the decision was made to update to the latest Sybiz Vision ERP system and develop a custom application that replaces the de-regulated Prospud system. The new Grower Planting System (GPS) is a Windows-based application that assists Beta Spuds with the process of creating the Recipient Created Tax Invoice for the daily purchase of deliveries. The application is fully integrated with the Sybiz Vision ERP system.

This new GPS system has revolutionized the way Beta Spuds operates. One of their biggest pain points was human error and miscalculations so we automated a lot of the tasks they were having issues with. The GPS system is able to:

  • Automatically create the relevant supplier invoices and import them into the ERP system;
  • Automatically calculate the appropriate fees and royalties that are needing to be paid each time a new delivery is entered into the GPS system;
  • Provides accurate visibility to the growers, and allows Beta Spuds to build a strong relationship with the suppliers.

Through the automation of these calculations, Beta Spuds have been able to improve their business processes as well as provide management with greater transparency and visibility into what the business is doing. The team now has on-demand access to information on stock movements as well as financials at any given time

By having the right systems in place it is evident that Beta Spuds has been able to grow and ultimately have more control over their business and its operations. If you would like more information or want to see if an ERP system is a right fit for your business contact AlphaBiz Solutions.