Cash flow workshop summary

AlphaBiz Solutions
11 January, 2018

No matter what industry you’re in, managing your cash flow is of vital importance. It’s the lifeblood of any business. Get it wrong and the consequences can be swift and dire (if not fatal).

We recently hosted a fantastic 2-hour workshop run by Chris Millar on his Sage Intelligence Reporting and Forecast5 applications and how they can be harnessed to allow businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their cash flows.

It was an excellent, engaging and enlightening presentation that served to highlight how the right tools and technology can be used to give people a vital understanding of and control over the most important aspect of their business.

Chris covered the following points:

  • The importance of developing Business Intelligence to provide meaningful information to interpret and make good decisions;
  • How developing good Business Intelligence is the key to allowing you to look properly at focused information and draw the right conclusions from this data;
  • How cash flow and forecasting tools help you eliminate manual errors and, as a consequence, reduce the time taken to find and rectify issues (and how this benefits your bottom line);

Chris also demonstrated how Sage Intelligence Reporting gives your business the competitive edge by enabling quick and easy access to real-time information needed for operations and strategic planning. It enables users to effortlessly create reports and analyze data from consolidated sources, utilizing the familiar Microsoft® Excel® application.

And provided a demonstration of how Forecast5 works as a dedicated and powerful forecasting and budgeting application that eliminates the extensive time wasted and risk involved in using complex spreadsheets to create financial models. Designed by accountants for all businesses and entities, Forecast 5’s double entry control ensures the highest degree of accuracy when creating forecasts and modifying them as your business assumptions change. Within just 30 minutes you can complete your first forecast and instantly view a variety of business reports, including integrated Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Funds Flow and Balance Sheet forecasts.

If you missed the workshop and want to talk to someone about better managing your cash flow and developing business intelligence, or if you did attend and would like to know even more, then contact us today! You can never take your cash flow too seriously!