The Last Stand | This is why the Cloud is Taking Over

AlphaBiz Solutions
2 May, 2017

It’s been said before, and yet some are still in denial. Cloud systems are so deeply entrenched in our lives we probably cannot function without them. They are definitely taking over, if we look at our day to day lives now it’s easy to miss some things that we take for granted, such as emails. Long ago emails were stored on your own computer, today everything is in the cloud, that’s why you can view your Gmail on your phone and then on your computer at home and anything is in sync. Your daily banking is done online, I mean when is the last time you went to the bank to check your balance or transfer a small amount of cash to your friend for dinner.

Most iPhone users are so deeply embedded in the cloud that it is expected to have every photo sync on all devices, so you can view your iPhone photos on your iPad. All this is done through the cleverly named iCloud, but that’s not all it can sync. With calendars, contacts and even settings iCloud have become the single biggest repository of personal information today. Android on the other side has this and more, with Google trying to become the one stop shop for everyone’s cloud needs. From emails to photos, to YouTube, to spreadsheets. Google has created a virtual office, photo album, and storage cabinet, things like google drive are even free to a certain size.

Google has even evolved the laptop to become depended on an internet connection for all applications installed. What the Chromebook lacks in usability it gains in innovation. Every day another device or software becomes cloud-based, even things like face to face education like Kolbe Systems have moved to the cloud. With video tutorial, all the tools and data storage business owners can organise their business right from home or the office, not even having to spend any time with a trainer, because technically speaking they would have their own personal one online.

A small cloud system that's not well known in the streaming service Netflix, you may have heard of it. While the fact that Netflix has become the powerhouse it is today is nothing short of amazing it's not without its obviousness. Once internet speeds reached a comfortable streaming experience from the likes of youtube, it was only a matter of time before someone started streaming TV shows. Below is a chart showing you just how far cloud version of TV has come compared to the outdated cable and satellite TV services. Slowly but surely cable subscriptions to folks Foxtel and Sky TV will dwindle for the likes of Netflix, Stan, and Netflix.  

cloud blog.jpg

The next bastion of the cloud is accounting programs, the most boring of them all have gotten a bit more exciting, as applications like MYOB Advanced have opened up hundreds of new opportunities for innovation and usability due to being in the cloud. Because a system is now connected on the internet and able to be accessed from anywhere anytime in means it can communicate with banks, API’s and other online systems easily without having to set up complicated port forwards.

There are hundreds of more examples of life in the cloud, it’s only going to get more and more complicated, young people used to be called digital natives, today, however, it would be the cloud natives. If you would like to bring your business up to speed in today’s cloud world with cloud business systems and MYOB Cloud Accounting, feel free to contact AlphaBiz Solutions.