11 aspects of accounting ERP software to gain control of your business

AlphaBiz Solutions
10 July, 2017

There should be no reason in this day and age for small to medium-sized companies to upgrade to a single Business Management System that is affordable and provides an immediate return on investment.

As we’ve eluded in previous blogs, JobsPlus users (whether they want to admit it or not) run the risk of losing their critical job management information. The product is no longer supported, it can be as little as a simple Windows update to cause JobsPlus to stop working and that’s a gamble you risk taking running an unsupported application. In recent reports, it has been the required updates that have been breaking the application, such as the general MYOB and Windows Security updates.

Going back to what the title of this blog is, if you are the business owner that likes control in their life and expects nothing less in your business here are 11 points of what ‘good’ looks like.

1.   A Single business management system takes the hassle out of managing multiple systems, it's like driving a 1.8-litre hatchback vehicle and hauling a utility trailer to run your business. For example, the hatchback is your entry-level accounting system like Premier, QuickBooks or Xero and the utility trailer is JobsPlus. And now that utility trailer is out of warranty.

2.   A good business management system that takes care of your financials, inventory, jobbing and lots more is like driving a well-rounded Ute that carries a positive reputation for reliability, durability, and value for money.

3.   A reliable & powerful database is what any IT specialist will tell you that an SQL database packs more power than Microsoft Access and other flat file databases that are commonly known for file size limitations and file-locking. SQL is known for its superior database engine for writing and querying the database.

4.   An intuitive and clean system that is easy to grasp and enjoyable to use, due to its clever design, is the essence of productivity.

5.   With any system, you want to make sure it has the comprehensive security control on who has access to certain areas, who can view sensitive information and what transactions can be performed by each user.

6.   Avoid being a victim of fraud by removing the ability to delete transactional and documents. You need to be able to log and view information on who has changed records with the date and time on the computer it was done on.

7.   Real-time reporting – Don’t wait two to four days for your admin staff to compile end of month data into a less than perfect incoherent report. A good system is able to produce your favorite reports at the click of a button in minutes, in a concise and clear manner.

8.   The business world changes extremely quickly and software development and understanding business requirements should never stop innovating and changing with the times, and you need a software and company that continues to develop their system.

9.   Proprietary can be a dirty word, but you also need the peace of mind that your solution is Australian owned and supported, and will continue to be supported for many years to come.

10. Having local partners saves hours of a headache, the people that install your system should be local, understand your business and immediate ongoing support whenever you or your staff require our assistance, including business near and around your sphere of influence.

11.  I’ve left this point to last if you are a business owner that demands control in their life and expects nothing less in running your business. Why would you result in anything less than an application that will give you better control in your business, remove the common profit leakages and give you immediate information to make the right informed decisions to run your business.