The top 5 wish list for a Cloud ERP System

AlphaBiz Solutions
1 June, 2017

MYOB has realised multiple survey results that they commissioned by independent research company McGladrey, today’s topic is The Top 5 Advantages Companies expect from a cloud ERP will give them.



The first one is the most obvious, of course, it will save money initially, there is no huge investment on servers or infrastructure apart from what you already have. What you do have to have is an internet connection and a computer that can access the web, which also means you don’t have to invest in powerful computers.

The cloud is subscription based and when you make the cost a part of your monthly bill it is much easier to manage, it also means you don’t have to fork out cash when you apart in your server dies. All those worries are left to the Datacentre, in the case of MYOB Advanced, it’s the Sydney Amazon Datacentre.


Right after money, it has to be the speed at which the company makes its money and while a big drop in percentage it still stands second. Productivity is a difficult thing to weigh up sometimes, especially when you first start with a new ERP system. Because it’s new and your employees are getting used to it productivity will fall, and like they say things have to get worse before they get better. This is one of the pitfalls of changing a system, the main thing is to remember it’s only temporary but some take this as the fact that the program has made the unproductive.

The companies who prosper are the ones who push through and move beyond the productivity they had before the system and become more efficient with the better system.


In today’s society and technological advances, it’s not worth designing an ERP from the ground up, it’s better to follow the 80/20 rule. Which is if it can do 80% of what you need out of the box the other 20% can be customised. So what and cloud ERP needs to be is flexible in its flexibility which starts off with a documented API.


Innovation should never stop and that goes for accounting systems if there is an easier, faster and more efficient way of doing a task it should be explored and implemented. A system that has a dedicated team that will continue working on the application is a must. The first thing you would need to worry about is the reputation of the company and the roadmap for the future.


This one was a bit of a surprise for us, we go into a business where they companion about the speed of the system, and how unresponsive it is, so we replace it with a better faster and more efficient ERP system. So what’s surprising is for this to be so low, as it seems like a major concern for many people today in their own systems, and with cloud internet speed is important as well so there are two variables to worry about.

If you have any other things you want a Cloud ERP to do for your business please Contact us.