How MYOB Exo overcomes the challenge of limited accessibility of an on premise ERP?

16 August, 2018

MYOB Exo OnTheGo AppMYOB Exo offers an on-premise ERP platform which supports your remote sales or service teams with the module- MYOB Exo OnTheGo.

Businesses using an on-premise ERP solution are often faced with the challenge of limited accessibility. Lack of ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to information slows down their operations and with the ever-changing technology enabling access to any kind of information within seconds, customers can no longer wait for answers and demand instant information at their fingertips.

MYOB identified the issue and empowered sales teams with mobility to access and manage business information anywhere, even with an on-premise ERP solution. MYOB Exo OnTheGo is an application designed specifically for the sales team and account managers. It uses Exo LiveRelay, a cloud data service accesses and interacts with Exo Business via the Exo API, allowing remote business information accessibility

By enabling the sales team to quickly and securely access client information, oversee their sales data and manage the entire quote and order process anywhere & anytime, it facilitates quick decision making and optimises the order process leading to improved sales efficiency and quicker turnaround time for the customer.

How MYOB Exo OnTheGo shortens your sales cycle and improves sales efficiency?

With real-time visibility of customers, contacts, inventory level, pricing, etc., Exo OnTheGo enables your sales team to take quick and informed action at all times by enabling them to:

  1. Improve client interaction by securely accessing all relevant information on the go;
  2. Create customers and contacts and enter or amend their orders on the spot;
  3. View item details and real stock level to appropriately generate sales orders;
  4. Use accurate prices including discounts and promos;
  5. Create new quotes on the spot, increasing order processing efficiency and reducing office administration;
  6. Use the map integration to plan sales by area. View the prospects and customers nearby and prioritise opportunities based on your specific criteria including ‘money owed’ or ‘open sales orders’.
  7. Manage accounts pro-actively by viewing all outstanding customer invoices.

MYOB Exo is a fully integrated on-premise ERP software solution that is designed to centralise virtually all business information into one completely integrated solution. With its rich features and outstanding ease of use, MYOB Exo gives the flexibility to build an entire business management solution to meet your unique business needs. The platform supports business functionalities such as Customer Relationship Management, Finance Management, Job Costing, Fixed Assets, Stock Management, Point of Sale, Supply Chain & Distribution and much more, enabling businesses to get reliable and real-time information top to bottom along with tighter audit control and an effective warehouse & inventory management process.

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