How to stay relevant workshop summary

AlphaBiz Solutions
20 November, 2017

Surviving the frequent changes and seismic shifts in the business world is challenging. You’ve got to always be one step ahead of disruption, protecting your business, your employees, and your future. 

Staying relevant is easier said than done, sometimes changes are subtle and not easily noticed, and other times they are sudden and disruptive. Regardless, when they become apparent, it can often take a huge effort to regain relevance…or suffer the consequences!

Being relevant means that you need to offer both your current and future clients what they need and adapting your offering as changes take place. At AlphaBiz we have the tools you need to help identify your weaknesses, streamline your processes and adapt to change.

Recently our very own, Sahira Zaman hosted a workshop on how to stay relevant and it received great feedback. Akram and Margaret from AltusQ as our guest speakers showcased real-life examples and case studies of clients we at AlphaBiz have worked with as well as our own business. Throughout the workshop Sahira had an ‘open floor’ that encouraged audience participation, answering questions from real business owners with real concerns.

The points covered in our workshop were:

  • What skill does your business need to remain relevant?
  • Could your business be threatened by industry or market changes?
  • Do you know what is on the horizon?
  • How will you grow your asset value as well as profit?
  • Learn how to identify your key business asset and how it can be used to build new relevance and new opportunities;
  • Hear and see how local businesses are changing the face of their company by identifying, focusing on and extending their key business asset.

If you missed the workshop and want to talk to someone about your business and its relevancy or, if you did attend the workshop and have further questions, contact us today. We’re ready to help your business!


“Thanks for sharing your contacts last week, now that was a really cool event to be part of. Inspirational event!” – Petrice Koelewyn Accountant

“I loved your event – you did such a good job.” – Zion Ong Director at Alyka

“Just a quick note to say thanks for organizing yesterday’s brekky. I really enjoyed it and Ak gave a nice talk.” – Mark Smith from Two Moons