Are you addicted to JobsPlus pain?

AlphaBiz Solutions
21 July, 2017

As we come across more and more JobsPlus sites (which is no longer supported as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs) we realizing a common pattern amongst users. Here are 4 symptoms that you may suffer from.


Every day you walk in the office, settle yourself in, login to your machine and just about you point your mouse to the JobsPlus icon to fire up the application you get a rush of an overwhelming, acute and disabling feeling of a “what if” JobsPlus stops working today, this is definitely not good for your health.

System crashes

It doesn’t matter if it's 5 or 20 times a day, JobsPlus crashes, I’ve seen it and users accept the fact that this happens, but they lose productivity and this cost the business. This blog list the common reasons why the system crashes.

It Works! For now

Finally two hours later it boots up, magically since you are unsure of what managed to get it to boot. The sheer relief makes you forget the last few hours of tedious troubleshooting, and you manage to get that one job created. Soon the sinking feeling comes back as you realize you will have to do it all again when the system crashes at around 2 pm just when you really need it.

System Crash Again

It happened again but you remember that you once fixed so the cycle starts again.