JobsPlus update 2016 | MYOB not working with JobsPlus | Is there an alternative?

AlphaBiz Solutions
29 June, 2017

AlphaBiz Solutions has taken it upon themselves to help current business who are stuck with the failed JobsPlus application, while more information will follow this week. We have arranged a special offer for clients of JobsPlus together.

We will post more details here soon but if you can not wait please give us a call on 08 9277 2226 during business hours 8:30 am to 5.00pm.

For after-hours email, or use the form to the right.

Update – 07/04/16

New limitations have been found in the Jobs Plus System due to no support. Please see below.

  • Do NOT upgrade your MYOB accounting product it will break the connection to JobsPlus.
  • Any TAX or GST changes will not work with JobsPlus. Unfortunately, JobsPlus has no ability to be edited/modified at this point.
  • JobsPlus is incompatible with Windows 10, currently, there is no way around it.

Update – 30/11/15

  • Recent MYOB Account Right update has completely broken Jobs Plus connection for multiple clients.
  • The Jobs Plus company has not billed any client this year.
  • If you still have Jobs Plus please let us know, we have more robust and supported solutions available.

Update – 12/06/15

Please be aware that there may be some connectivity issues between JobPlus and MYOB if you continue to upgrade MYOB Account Right. In the past the JobsPlus team would check the MYOB update for compatibility issues and fix as needed, currently, that’s not the case.

What is JobsPlus?

JobsPlus is a complete job management solution. It allows you to track a job right through from the quote to giving a final profit on the job.

The JobsPlus team had two products in their suite, one is for window cutting and costing and the other one is for all other industries. Some of the features that made JobsPlus popular are Quotes, Jobs, Scheduling, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Timesheets/Payroll, Management reports.

All this is available in the alternative program Sybiz Vision.NET

How long has JobsPlus been operating? 

Their website states that they have been operating since 2002 to 2010, from this it is possible to deduce that they have stopped trading in 2010. Potentially halting updates to the JobsPlus program.

Recently reports have surfaced that JobsPlus has moved their support to Manila. However, their customers have highlighted the lack of help and lately the lack of contact ability. Today the Manila support is not reachable.

What has happened to JobsPlus?

In the last six months, we have received a high number of calls from unhappy users of Jobs Plus. The company has unfortunately been unreachable on their normal phone number and no updates have surfaced in the meanwhile.

No Support for JobsPlus, are there alternatives? 

Yes, we are able to offer alternatives for both the two types of JobsPlus applications. For industry-specific window cutting and costing software, we have our own developed program called WCC.

For JobsPlus we have Sybiz Vision.NET a full ERP solution, if you are interested in finding out more please give us a call on 08 9277 2226 and we will help you find an alternative product that is supported and updated regularly. You can also use the contact form to the right.