Kogan to buy Dick Smith?

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15 December, 2014

Perth house prices have been up and down recently and in the last month of 2015 they took a positive jump up, however, analysts predict any growth in the Western Australian market is at least 12 months away. Meaning it’s going to be a cold 2016, especially as 2015 also saw around a $20,000 drop in the value of average house prices even with that jump up at the end.

In fact, it was the largest drop in all of Australia, but prices rental properties have plummeted and it is now definitely a renter’s game. While renting occupancy has risen prices have fallen and will continue to fall.

WA Farmers have finally returned to a surplus, the lobby group has kept to their 5-year plan since 2010 and are now up by $22,000 this year, it may not seem like much but the reductions taken have also allowed for more staff to be hired, a positive turn for employment statistics.

Aldi_logo-528x627.jpgAldi is building momentum, Woolworths and Coles are scrambling as Aldi has ramped up their employment recruitment while building 14 new stores in Perth, the $450 million expansion into WA will bring in the next few years 70 stores state-wide and create over 1200 jobs. Finally giving Perth shoppers a significant option between Coles and Woolworths.



Another update about Dick Smith that will have a lot of raised eyebrows is the rumor as Ruslan Kogan from considers an acquisition of Dick Smith.

Kogan_logo (1).jpg

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