KolbeAU & AlphaBiz Solutions

AlphaBiz Solutions
27 April, 2017

We are proud to announce that in August we secured an alliance with Kolbe Systems. For those not familiar with Kolbe Systems they have been at the forefront of business systems in Perth for over a decade with their now very distinct colour coded Organising charts used in many of Perth’s business elite.


What can KolbeAU do for your business?

  • Stop micromanaging your business
  • Reduce stress levels and disorder for everyone in your team
  • Be the industry leader and never compete on  price again
  • Eliminate mistakes that frustrate your customers and cost you thousands
  • Provide clarity to your team and get them achieving the results you want
  • Replicate results of your best staff across the organisation
  • Implement formalised systems in weeks, not months or years.

If you are seeking more clarity in business or need a more formalised business system to bring up to date your training manuals or need to reduce the micromanaging take a look at their new formalised online program

The online program is educational and provides simple tools that even standardises your document control!

Benefits of KolbeAU

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Easier to keep up to date
  • Benchmark live with other organisations
  • Faster personalised templates created as you progress
  • Access anywhere on the internet
  • Train your staff anytime, 24/7
  • Do at your own pace