Leave Management – The easy solution

AlphaBiz Solutions
28 November, 2017

With Christmas and summer holidays just around the corner, keeping track of staff leave requests can be a major headache for many businesses.

Manual leave management processes can result in staff having to wait long periods of time for leave request responses, managers or business owners losing track of staff leave requests,  and even unintentionally approving staff members to be on leave simultaneously.

Modern and easy to use leave management solutions such as VisipayWage Easy, and Timetec TA Solutions are extremely effective in alleviating employee leave management issues, in medium to large-sized organizations, as well as smaller companies and start-ups.

With Visipay Leave Management Solution the managers and supervisors are able to manage, regulate and maintain leave management in a simple way for both employees and employers. The system can conveniently handle leave requests from staff, approvals from management/supervisors, as well as check leave balances.

One of the most common and time-consuming tasks in Payroll and HR is the request for payslips and leave details from employees, these tasks are easily executed via Wage Easy Employee Service Portal.Wage Easy ESP is a simple and straightforward solution to Employee & Manager Self Service. It is a web application designed to be accessed via your intranet.

Timetec TA is a cloud-based solution, enables future leave dates to be entered in the customized user duty roster, as well as changing clocking schedules to account for employees who are absent, even if only for one day within the weekly schedule. With data stored safely in the web, viewing and controlling staff leave management issues can be undertaken anytime, anywhere, with smartphone and tablet mobile apps easily downloadable and installed for the employer and staff access to Timetec TA’s features.

Visipay, Wage Easy, and Timetec TA are suitable for a wide range of industries including service, construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, wholesale & distribution etc. Promoting effective employee productivity and management of workforce leave, enabling companies to effectively administer leave matters efficiently and effectively.

Managers and business owners are provided helpful insights on employee leave patterns, leave applications and approvals are closely monitored and recorded, and employee leave records are easily attainable.

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