3 Takeaways from the Modernising METS Webinar

27 November, 2020

Last November 25, AlphaBiz Solutions Director, Shadi Kheder; and TOKN Business Development Specialist, Yolande Couderc, collaborated for the Modernising METS with Digital Technology Webinar.  

In the webinar, the two experts discussed where they believe the mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) industry is headed with the latest innovations and put a spotlight on creating a strongly connected and mobile workforce with the help of platform technologies.  

Below are some of the key takeaways from the discussion: 

Emerging Technologies 

Showcasing the present technological landscape in METS sector before delving into the future, the webinar discusses some of the innovations currently utilised by most mining companies in their operations.  

Digital Themes and Initiatives in Mining and Metals Infographic

 Digital Adoption Model 

In line with the topic of modernisation and the adoption of new technologies, AlphaBiz provided a model which showcases the three main factors that businesses want to improve when they begin implementing technologies: Control, performance, and insight.  

To achieve improvement in these three areas of the business, the digital transformation must focus on the improving functionality, ensuring smooth adoption, and providing greater oversight.  

Digital Adoption Model

Platform Technologies  

One of the many challenges that businesses in METS face when wanting to begin a digital transformation is having to consider the legacy systems already in place. A solution that does not require a major overhaul of current technologies or systems within the operations are platform technologies.  

As a provider of this specific solution, TOKN discussed how different systems can be integrated into a platform technology which can be accessed both online and offline on different devices such as phones, tablets, or desktops.    

Find out more about modernising the METS sector with digital technology by viewing the entire presentation here.