MYOB Advanced the cloud-based ERP system

AlphaBiz Solutions
14 July, 2017

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Why Should You Advance Your Business With MYOB?

  • Runs through a web browser with no ongoing hardware costs
  • Designed specifically for Australian businesses
  • Accessible to everyone in your team on any device
  • Available for a convenient monthly price

What Exactly Is MYOB Advanced?

Advanced is a cloud-based ERP and Accounting solution for small business to a large enterprise that has been developed by Acumatica in the USA. The product itself has been around for many years and has been tested and currently in use by thousands of companies worldwide.

MYOB has invested in Acumatica and now tailored it for Australian and New Zealand laws. MYOB Advanced was announced on the 28th of January 2015 and is available today from AlphaBiz Solutions.

MYOB Advanced is hosted in Australia, Sydney by Amazon. The Amazon servers have one of the highest uptimes in the industry at 99.99%. Security and data sovereignty is the priority for MYOB and with their partnership with Amazon, they have achieved just that.

What Does This Mean For The Business Owner?

Cloud-based solutions are the future of all business services, MYOB Advanced is different in two major ways from many of the other available accounting solutions.

  1. It is completely online, there is no 3rd party software and no large initial investments into on-premise servers and hardware, it runs in your browser.
  2. Compared to other cloud offerings MYOB Advanced is scalable from a sole trader to the largest enterprise, encompassing every tool for success in one small package.

The cost of the software is a monthly subscription, to view the plans click here.

What Does This Mean To The Accountant?

MYOB Advanced is a highly scalable application not only in the tools and features aspect but also the complexity. Skilled accountants will be able to use MYOB Advanced with ease, and anyone new will find the interface intuitive and smart. Advanced contacts a huge array of written instructions and explanations and AlphaBiz Solution offers multiple levels of training.

What Does This Mean To The Employees?

The system is faster and more responsive than many other solutions out there, your employees will have an easier time completing their daily tasks and while becoming more efficient they will be able to do more in less time.

What About My Data Security?

As mentioned before data security is number one priority and that's we MYOB Advanced uses the same security protocols and class as your daily online banking portal. So if you have been doing your personal or business banking online at any bank then you are already trusting the cloud with your financials.

I Would Like A Demo Of MYOB Advanced?

We won’t just show you a preprepared demo, we will take your data and show you how MYOB Advanced will work for you. Seeing your own business run on Advanced is the best way to show how much it can do for you. Give us a call today to set up a time on 08 9277 2226 as there is a huge influx of interest in MYOB Advanced.  You can also use the form below or on the right side to contact us.

Give AlphaBiz Solutions A Call Today On 08 9277 2226 And Let Us Demonstrate How MYOB Advanced Can Help Grow Your Business Or Use The Form Below.