The Road Ahead for MYOB for AccountRight Classic (v19) users

27 June, 2019

Last year, MYOB announced that they would no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for AccountRight Classic
( v19) in Australia and New Zealand.

Important Dates: 

June 2019- AccountRight Classic customers received their final FY19/20 tax and payroll compliance release.
September 30th, 2019- MYOB will no longer provide support for AccountRight Classic platform.

So, why is MYOB stopping support for AccountRight Classic?

As MYOB's Head of Product Dale Dixon explained, "When we developed this product, business was done very differently to now."

"The books had to be worked on in the office, data entry was done by hand, and getting that information from your business to the bookkeeper or accountant required multiple drives, file versions and probably a booked face-to-face meeting. We no longer work that way today." Dixon said.

While AccountRight Classic has been a robust offering over the years, the general needs of clients and industries, and their compliance obligations have changed. MYOB wants to deliver solutions that provide users with the highest value, improve business outcomes, and enable a better connection between accountants, bookkeepers & businesses.

Here’s what MYOB's Head of Product Dale Dixon has to say

Will MYOB stop users from accessing their files on MYOB AccountRight Classic?

No. If you purchased a perpetual licence (the software from a retailer, MYOB Partner or MYOB), MYOB would ensure you will still be able to access your file after September 2019.

What happens to AccountRight Classic after September 30th.

While AccountRight Classic will still be accessible after September 30th, the lack of updates may raise a few concerns for businesses using it:

  1. Because there will be no fixes and updates on AccountRight Classic, your data will be at risk of being corrupted or stolen in case of a technical issue or system bug. It may also not be able to be recovered; 
  • The software may also have compatibility issues with newer releases of your operating system, or any third-party applications it is integrated to. Which means, to continue using MYOB AccountRight Classic you will have to abstain from upgrading your operating system and the third-party apps.  
  • The software will not be able to keep up with any changes to legal and compliance obligations;

What is the next step for AccountRight Classic users?

  1. For businesses that have minimal new feature requirements and do not expect to grow significantly, the easiest solution is to move to the newer version of AccountRight. However, there are a few things you should know before upgrading, for example, if your company file is bigger than 300 MB, you will need to reduce its size by following these steps. Here is everything you should know before upgrading.
  2. It is time to upgrade to a fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution if:
  • Your business has outgrown AccountRight;
  • Your business is expecting significant growth or expansion in the near future;
  • You need increased control and efficiency and a better flow of information within your organisation.

Before you move forward, it is important to reflect on your current and future business requirements to understand the software's suitability for your company. 

If you want to find out what is the best solution for your business, book a discovery meeting with us today.