What the MYOB and Roubler partnership means for mid-market businesses

16 October, 2020

MYOBMYOB, the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Payroll Software (PS) provider in Australia and New Zealand recently announced its investment in Roubler, a workforce management (WFM) platform uniquely-designed for businesses with shift-based employee structures.  

These three business management systems are vital to company operations. ERP systems streamline various business activities from accounting to manufacturing and distribution by consolidating data into one platform. Payroll software, on the other hand, automates and optimizes all tasks related to the payroll process while workforce management tools are used to track the productivity of the workforce, aiding in tasks such as shift assignment and employee onboarding.  

MYOB will elevate its ERP and PS systems by integrating Roubler’s distinct WFM features within its platform to create a powerful end-to-end business management software. Through the partnership, MYOB will become the first to provide ERP, PS, and WFM on the cloud in a single-integrated platform for the ANZ mid-market.  

To cater to the mobility and flexibility required of managers and employees, MYOB’s enhancements will include functionalities needed to onboard, roster, manage time and attendance, and pay staff into one system.  

According to a research by MYOB, 65% of customers prefer to purchase their enterprise resource planning, payroll software and workforce management solutions from a single vendor. 

“Our customers have shared with us just how important strong, AI-enabled workforce management capabilities are to their success, and access to the right software can deliver savings in spades – not just in terms of cash, but time and risk.” shared Kim Clarke, MYOB General Manager Enterprise.  

Roubler“To deliver the best all-in-one solution for the mid-market, we knew we needed the best in the market and for us, Roubler is the perfect fit. They have a razor-sharp customer focus and have used this to build an AI-enabled workforce management solution using a contemporary technology stack and frameworks,” she added. 

In support of Roubler’s growth, MYOB will also expedite the company’s research in AI and machine learning to develop new products that aid customers in making sharp decisions and building business efficiencies, as well as its product roadmap which enables new features and enhancements to be rolled-out more quickly.  

“The investment from MYOB also gives us the opportunity to expand the team to facilitate these product improvements. We will continue to operate as a separate business with no changes to our existing staff, structure or management,” said Andrew Northcott, Roubler Founder and CEO. 

For mid-market businesses, the collaboration between the two companies presents a new opportunity for them transform the way they manage their workforces with the help of one powerful solution. This is the goal that both MYOB and Roubler aim to achieve for their customers.  

Northcott also shared, “With MYOB, we’ve not only found a supportive partner and shareholder, but one that understands our vision and can help us scale in a way that ensures we remain best-in-class. We can now create even more value for our customers.”  

As a proud MYOB partner sharing this common goal, AlphaBiz Solutions also continues to create value for companies by providing simplified systems that empower their workforce and allow them to focus on what matters most for their business. Contact AlphaBiz Solutions to find out more about ERP, Payroll, and Workforce Management software best suited for your business.