What does the Tesla Home Battery Coming to Australia mean for consumers?

AlphaBiz Solutions
7 April, 2017

It’s been known for a while that a lot of companies release their newest products in the Australian market, as it seems to be the safest and even the best test before it gets released worldwide, or even to the States. This obviously doesn’t account to electronic goods such as films, TV shows, Software, and games but for physical goods, it’s a different story. Cars and technology usually get to test the waters in Australia and today news of a brand new electronic device coming first to Australia is the Tesla Home Battery.

Tesla’s cars aren’t even here, but the at-home battery will be the first officially sold product in Australia. It definitely makes sense as Australia is well suited to things like solar power and is already quite adapted, a long-term storage battery will be perfect for many homes with solar panels already, however, there is a catch.

The 7kWh home energy storage unit isn’t cheap, and homes that could benefit from it won’t really afford it, the cost to savings ratio is just not quite there yet, but analysts say that by 2020 it will be, with only 5 years away it seems very feasible. Labour is also pushing renewable energy with plenty of tax deduction, but what does this mean for business?

Well with costs of power potentially going down, big business who use a lot of energy such as Amazon Servers in Sydney will take advantage of this and potentially lower costs for using their cloud servers. This will be a huge saving for small to medium business who use their services like MYOB Advanced. Electricity is a fundamental need of society and recently it’s been getting quite expensive in WA anyway, but the future does look brighter.