3 reasons why the JobsPlus database is not for your business

AlphaBiz Solutions
13 July, 2017

When I get an inquiry for JobsPlus support, the most common problem users put up with is that the system crashes many times in the day which possibly could mean poor application design and/or poor relational database design.

JobsPlus uses a Microsoft Access Database that has a few disadvantages or limitations that are well known amongst the database development professionals.

Large Database Sizes

if JobsPlus has been running for many years its highly likely the database has reached a certain size were its performing poorly. Common signs are the time it takes to run reports, query historic information and loading of screens and lastly, the system crashes cause it cannot execute the information it needs to retrieve.

Single File

In addition to those common issues around poor performance is the limited options to best utilize the system's performance, Access relational database is contained in a single file which poses problems to file locking when multiple users try and access the same records or reports are being run.

The Way Out

More to the point if JobsPlus is critical to your business operation then you need to start planning to move off the unsupported product in case JobsPlus stops working.

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