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Job and Service Management

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Job and Service Management

As your business expands and you take on more jobs it becomes even more important to track and monitor your jobs with greater vigilance. Just one job forgotten to be billed could mean as much as a 20% difference on your bottom line. It is imperative that you have a robust and functional system that works for you and your team to track all labour, material & supplies that are allocated to your service jobs.

One of the big challenges that face any project and jobbing business is the ability to track all the costs against the correct job and continually monitor costs and income as the job progresses. Every business has differing requirements for cost and control analysis and our professional consultants will help you implement solutions that will match your business needs and specific industry requirements.

Time and Attendance System is a management tool designed to improve payroll efficiency, provide accurate labour costing and reduce time theft. It allows you to track your labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management and accounting reports. It helps maintain an accurate roster system, through automatically calculating hours worked, the relevant loadings and allowances, and more. Our Time and Attendance software system is suitable for any business that rosters employees. This powerful and flexible system will save your business time and money – accommodating the most challenging rosters with ease and providing an up-to-the-minute picture of who’s working in your business.


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