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Manufacturing Industry

We’ll help you improve efficiency and give you peace of mind to expand your business.

Manufacturing Industry

If your business is predominantly occupied with building new items for sale from a set of components and processes, we offer solutions from building product sets (or kits) to full-blown manufacturing process bringing depth and control over your manufacturing environment.

Do any of these needs apply to you?

  • Do you spend a considerable amount of time managing productions in spreadsheets?
  • Would you like to identify open sales orders, production runs, stock shortages and automatically order the raw materials before going into production?
  • Do you have extended delays due to imported raw materials that need to be taken into consideration before going into a production run?
  • Is it important that you maximize the efficiency of multiple production processes?
  • Do you need to automatically update manufactured cost based on new supplier cost?
  • Do you need to track and trace specific batches of components?
  • Is it critical to ensure oldest components are used first in the manufacturing process?
  • Is it a complex process to replace a single component in all your manufactured items?
  • Would you like to be able to more effectively manage the manufacturing process?
  • Do you have a variable used for the same final outcome?
  • Do you want to be able to key in the final production and automatically update your raw materials?
  • Do you require material planning and forecasting?
  • Do you need to analyze production information in detail?
  • Would you like to integrate it with your accounting system?


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