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Fiora Machinery

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Fiora Machinery

Manufacturing Industry


Fiora Machinery is the Western Australia agent for a number of worldwide machinery companies and therefore has a number of associations with other companies throughout Australia and the world allowing Fiora Machinery to provide customers with the best equipment, service, and knowledge possible.


Many of our customers are pleased that we can quickly recall any previous purchases they have made to match up accessories or any spare parts they require

Katy Fiora, Owner


Foira Machinery is a family owned and operated company which was established by brothers Mick and Angelo Fiora in 1978, as Fiora Metal Products. Fiora Machinery and Fiora Metal Products are based in Cannington, Western Australia. The company manufactures and sells woodwork and metalwork machinery locally, within WA, and also Exports and imports.

The company has seen a lot of changes over the years since it was established in 1978 and also seen a wide range of business activities. As well as the major business activities of manufacturing machines, the factory and equipment of Fiora Metal Products has also seen the building of custom motorbikes and trikes, aluminium boats, miniature steam locomotives as well as the restoration of cars and motorcycles. The showroom now has an area set aside with vintage cars and oldtime memorabilia for those who are interested.


Meeting demands and Expectations

Fiora Machinery had installed Sybiz as their accounting software in the year 2000. With the manufacturing and retail side of their business operating then it was a great system to keep track of everything. One of the best advantages they have found is the recollection of information going right back to the beginning.


An ever growing system

Fiora Machinery did update their previous wages system to Visipay a couple of years ago and have found it quite successful. A little more complex than their business probably requires but still good.

Fiora Machinery has been supported by AlphaBiz Solutions for all the years, they have used Sybiz and Visipay. They have been contracted with AplhaBiz that provides a continuous support service to them.