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Heat Exchangers WA

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Heat Exchangers WA

Manufacturing Industry


Heat Exchangers WA (HEWA) was established in 2003 with the goal to be the best plate heat exchanger supplier and service center in Western Australia. Having accomplished this they now wish to build our cooling tower side of the business to the same level and the results keep getting better.


Heat Exchangers WA is the only plate heat exchanger provider in WA with a purpose-built Assembly Unit for gasket plate heat exchangers.  They strive for fast designs, fast supply at a competitive price without compromise to quality. HEWA supply both manufacturers’ and after-market spares, which have been independently tested and are compatible with the original manufacturer’s equipment.


HEWA faced issues in three areas;

  1. Their Excel-based quoting and dashboard tool file was exceeding the file size limit and multiple users couldn’t use the file at the same time, which meant time was being lost and salespeople were inefficient in getting quotes completed and out quick enough.
  2. Their manufacturing quotes would take ages to build, with many varying components of gaskets and plates, it would take the service specialist many hours to build a manufactured quote.
  3. Their entry-level accounting system couldn’t cater the multiple business units, for example, manufacturing and service and sales transactions had to be re-entered after the job was complete.

With the strong focus and importance of a reliable system that will cater to their needs long into the future Steve Summit contacted Alphabiz to implement an ERP system that will give them a centralized system with greater control of their finance, stock control, service and manufacturing of heat exchangers.

Understanding that sales are the bloodline to any growing business, quotes for manufacturing jobs cut the time considerably due to heat exchangers models and sizes being set up as assembly kits with all the components and labor factored in as assembly components.

Heat Exchangers had better control over their projects, being able to review the outcome of each project by comparing the estimates with actuals and work in progress by billed jobs would post straight to the financial system.

Not having to ditch their current Excel-based analytics spreadsheet and waste the investment that had been poured into the custom design of the dashboard AlphaBiz were able to connect the spreadsheet to the database and draw out the critical data to present the dashboard information

Heat Exchangers had substantially improved the control of their stock, now being able to see how much stock is on hand at any one time and committed stock to jobs in progress to help them forecast materials needed to complete the job.