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Manufacturing Industry


Based in Western Australia, we at Nutrian have experienced a rapid growth in demand for our products over the last 6 years. We stand by our guiding motto viz. “Tommorrow’s Technology Today” and invest time and resources in developing and refining technologies while reviewing product quality on an ongoing basis. It is imperative to us that our products are easy to use and perform consistently.


Nutrian’s owner, Dave Seagreen, has strong connections with the land, having grown up within a farming community in Southern Africa. In Dave’s words ‘As a Chemical Engineer, also having studied soil chemistry and plant nutrition, I always felt a strong need to develop and supply better fertilizer choices for farmers. ‘It is important to offer cost-effective, superior products that really perform. This becomes even more important with escalating costs and the need to maximize yields.’

Dave brings to Australia 20 years of extensive experience in liquid fertilizers, having consulted to liquid fertilizer specialist companies throughout Africa, Europe, USA and Canada, and is excited to be able to bring innovative nutritional options to the market in Australia. Passionate about crop nutrition, he stresses, ‘It is even more crucial where soil quality is poor that we utilize the very best that liquid fertilizer has to offer’. Nutrian’s fertilizers are developed with an understanding of the farmer’s needs and Australian conditions for optimal performance and to offer maximum nutrition to the crop at essential stages of development.


Nutrian is rapid growth put a strain on their accounting systems efficiency inherently stunting further growth, they did not have a centralized system or processes that could manage the growth. Their business information was stored in multiple databases and spreadsheets, there was no integration across the individual subsidiaries either. For example, they wanted the ability to drill-down on a debtor, creditor or stock transaction but to achieve this they had to go through multiple areas and databases a tedious process.  

The head office had no clear accountability or visibility on their IBC containers, they were unable to view the exact container availability or who had the containers on loan. With multiple locations, the staff struggled to complete stock transfers and stocktake in an accurate and acceptable amount of time. So an important requirement of Nutrian was the ability to have a multi-location system that would allow them to view stock availability in any area and location that contains the stock item live.

This directly ties into their stocktake and stock transfer abilities, in the hopes to streamline the process and achieve forecast purchasing.

Without of state support being unreliable Nutrian was looking for a local ERP software support provider that would provide ongoing support with high level of service, a company that is always striving for improvement for their clients.


Implementing the MYOB EXO ERP system into Nutrian was a clear choice, with its rich features and outstanding ease of use EXO has become their centralized business management system tool. Today Nutrian has greater control and efficiency in all aspects of their business surpassing their growth expectations while streamlining their business workflow.

Nutrian’s management now has reliable and real-time information from top to bottom, from financial, company performance, stock to stocktake. The directors now have tighter audit control over the entire business and the staff now have effective a factory/warehouse and inventory management process. The sales and warehousing team has been streamlined with the MYOB OnTheGo App mobile solution, the warehousing staff is capable of managing stock and inventory live on the go, and the sales team can quote and oversee their sales data away from the office.

AlphaBiz Solutions was a local MYOB partner with a proven track record with MYOB EXO. They have provided ongoing local support and expertise to constantly improve Nutrian’s system for years to come. MYOB EXO & AlphaBiz Solutions has helped Nutrian to streamline their accounting process and management systems, always minimizing costs and increasing profits for both parties.