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WA Blue Sky

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WA Blue Sky

Not For Profit


WA Blue Sky is a highly respected not-for-profit disability sector organization funded through the Disability Services Commission of WA to provide a range of services for people with disabilities.


We contacted AlphaBiz Solutions for a system that was easy to grasp, intuitive with the ability to set up multiple GL segments in the Chart of Accounts. We were very pleasantly surprised with ALphaBiz expertise and knowledge when they came back to us with an end-to-end system to all our requirements, with their assessment before implementation we have run into zero issues

Robert McKimmee – Finance Manager, WA Blue Sky


WA Blue Sky was conceived as a dedicated group of families who had the vision to see their children with disabilities have every opportunity of living a life that was inclusive and integrated into the community. Importantly need to meet their support needs as the families withdrew and were no longer able to provide care. They provide a diverse range of community-based and in-home support to children, adults and older people with disabilities. WA Blue Sky's priority is supporting people to reach their full potential at home, at work, and in their community life


Meeting Demands and Expectations

WA Blues Sky lacked control and information in their accounting system, the accounts were outsourced and the typical challenge when outsourcing your critical financial information is not having the flexibility or ability to present the information in a more meaningful way. WA Blues Sky experienced data entry mistakes and reports were too convoluted to make sense of. The other issue found with outsourcing in the lack of detail and accuracy of data entered into the system.

As a Not For Profit organization is funded by donations and government grants it is vital to know how funds are allocated to each department. WA Blues Sky needed a way to manage employee’s expenses, business costing of project and payroll needed to handle complex award calculation though time-sheet entries.

Pays were done manually and took many hours to calculate every carers wage for a week, mistakes were frequent and there was no way to fix them either as there was no detailed information governing the process.


A Coherent System that Works

With Sybiz Vision completely implemented into the company allowing multiple users to interact and work together in one coherent system. WA Blue Sky have saved money by cutting out all overseas services since bringing it all in-house. A complete workflow means that the company reporting is easy to create and detailed enough to give the management all the information, presented in a clear and concise way. The reports revealed multiple areas where improvements could be made leading to better strategic decisions and a positive outcome for the organization from these decisions.

With detailed knowledge of their cash flow, the organization has been able to better allocate and dispense their donations to help everyone equally and fairly, including appropriate remuneration package for their careers.

In return, the implementation of the WageEasy payroll system leads to unprecedented organizational benefits for tracking and managing the complex employee awards. Leading to maximum accuracy and law compliance. The new system has made tax audits quicker and easier, putting the organization in good standing with the ATO.