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Adventure World

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Adventure World

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The aim of Adventure World was to provide entertainment that was “healthy, appealing to all ages and unique in this country”.


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Adventure World is a theme park in Perth, Western Australia. It is located in Bibra Lake, 20 km from the CBD. The park opened on 11 November 1982 as "Edgley’s Adventure World" and undergoes a winter closure each year. Michael Edgley International created and ran the park from its inception to December 1990. 380,000 tonnes of sand were used to reshape the land contours of the industrial dump site into a suitable theme park location.

The Theme Park includes world-class attractions such as the $12 million roller coaster “Abyss” launched in 2013, the $7 million dollar Kraken, the longest, tallest and steepest Funnel water slide on the planet, the enchanting “Dragon’s Kingdom” and popular Hawaiian resort themed “Kahuna Falls” (an aqua rain fortress) to name a few of the 25 attractions set in beautifully landscaped botanical gardens and lawns. Since 2000 a West Australian, Steve Sicerich, has owned the park.