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Moove Industries supports businesses across Australia by sourcing custom tools, equipment, and materials from leading international manufacturers. Their longstanding relationships with specialist factories across the Asia Pacific region allow them to source high-quality products tailored to meet your specifications and negotiate discounted pricing on your behalf.


We have found that MYOB Advanced is not only feature packed, but also is able to grow with our business. We opened our new warehouse in Melbourne and MYOB’s multi-location was setup and ready to go in a few clicks. With their local support AlphaBiz know their product and have been accommodating to all my feature requests



Moove Industries is a 100% Australian owned and operated business located in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2008 by Ray Taylor, Moove provides businesses across Australia with high quality industrial and safety consumables at market-leading prices.

As a qualified boilermaker and welder with extensive experience in mining and construction, Ray knows that industrial consumables can represent a significant ongoing cost to businesses.

At Moove Industries, they pride themselves on working with leading manufacturers worldwide to source and develop the Moove range of premium abrasives, cutting tools, welding and safety equipment. Their strong relationships with these specialist factories allow them to negotiate discount pricing that they are pleased to share with their customers.


Moove Industries sells mining consumables is in a very competitive sector, with high targets to achieve so they need to have lean and efficient business management systems. One of the most critical requirements of Moove Industries was inventory control, they need to be able to always have sufficient levels of stock for all orders without overstocking.

Moving stock was another important requirement, their sales people needed to sell at the right price and stay competitive at the same time. This means that access to the exact prices live from anywhere in Australia is a must, this was the sales team was able to negotiate without affecting the minimum margins.

Finally, Moove Industries is a home-based business so the need for a cloud-based business management system that is affordable is a must for Ray, but also a system that will keep up as his business grows.


The best solution for Moove Industries was MYOB Advanced, a cloud-based ERP management system that scales from a small to enterprise business, a complete end to end solution. Today Ray with the help of AlphaBiz Solutions and MYOB Advanced has complete control over his inventory, sales, and entire business. Their most influential feature in MYOB advanced Inventory is the ability to calculate the importing cost, landing cost and the ability to forecast purchasing meaning his products are always in stock but never overstocked.

Being a full cloud ERP solution he is able to access the information anywhere securely from any device. Including his sales staff who have access to only the information, they need to complete their job, making the sales team extremely efficient meant a large increase in completed sales.

Ray appreciates the value of a solution that works for him and from the inception of using MYOB Advanced his business has grown to (x) doubling his sales team while also selling national from two locations.

Moove sells mining consumables and in a competitive sector, Moove needed to makes sure he had sufficient products without overstocking, it had to be competitively priced and his sales team needed real-time information on what’s available and how much can be negotiated without affecting the minimum margins.