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Work Clobber

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Work Clobber

Retail Industry


Work Clobber takes pride in high-quality service and knowledge of the workwear industry. In fact, their understanding of the labour and trade industries goes all the way to the top.


We have been working with AlphaBiz Solutions longer than I can remember, I have also recommended AlphaBiz to many other businesses around Western Australia. Sybiz Vision has been working well for us, does everything we ask and together with AlphaBiz we are always working on improving our systems.

Al Dewas, Owner of Work Clobber


Work Clobber is a WA, family-owned business, with over 25 years’ experience our understanding the trades and labour workforce in industrial protective clothing, footwear, and equipment. Their nine stores across the Perth metropolitan area supply a range of the best quality Australian brands of workwear in WA.  Their management team started out as tradies so they understand the importance of quality workwear products


Meeting Demands and Expectations

The team at Work Clobber went through three different Point of Sales programs before arriving at the one they use today. The challenge was to find a system that was functionally fit for their business and works in real-time across their 10 locations. Previously Work Clobber used an outdated Sage accounting system that was separate from the POS software. This setup created inconsistencies between the two, so an important requirement was to have a centralized integrated system.

The expectation was the ability to:

  • Be as tough and reliable system as the Hard Yakka workwear sold by Work Clobber
  • All the information has to be centrally located and in real-time. Under no circumstance was it to batch process or perform daily synchronisations – all the information had to be in real-time and online 24/7
  • Flexible from design, templates specific to the client’s requirements
  • Apply immediate or scheduled price policies to individual or groups of products and or customer ranges
  • The ability to transfer and track the goods between locations and be able to quickly notify the customer when the goods are available for pick up
  • The system had to be intuitive and easily bring up customer information, product, quotations or sales orders

Manage high volume at high speed

Work clobber is passionate about their customer service and it was critical for the new Point of Sale system to quickly complete the order and get the customer back on the road immediately. Sybiz Vision has helped work Clobber to achieve their focus on providing great service by automating a large portion of their day to day accounting needs, so they can focus more of their attention on customer service.

With its ease of use and simplicity, the Sybiz system has dramatically raised staff morale and retention for a positive work environment. The Work Clobber head office is now able to have a birds-eye view of their business because all the data is captured in one system and can be reported on with the press of a button. The management team no is able to collate all the data needed to make informed business decisions across all locations.