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Beta Spuds

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Beta Spuds

Wholesale & Distribution


Beta Spuds also coordinates planting and harvesting with other WA growers located in Baldivis, Busselton, and Gingin to guarantee a year-round supply of produce.


Beta Spuds is one of the largest suppliers of the widest range of potatoes across WA. Their processes include state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that the clients will receive only the freshest WA potatoes.

They have invested greatly in farming their own produce in which provides a good rotation of growing that enables them to produce in excess of 10,000 tonnes of potatoes each year.


The Potato Marketing Corporation software (Prospud) has been deregulated of the WA potato industry, their system was utilised by Beta Spuds to generate the preview of the invoices for the growers and the preview of invoices for the fees & royalties calculated per delivery. The Potato Marketing Corporation has been abolished and the Prospud system has been discontinued since September 2016.


The GPS is a custom-made Windows-based application that will assist Beta Spuds with the process of invoicing the daily purchase of deliveries. The application is integrated with their existing ERP system Sybiz.Net and will allow for the appropriate fees and royalties distribution that are required by the royalty holder to be calculated and automatically generated when the new delivery is entered in the GPS system. The GPS application will automatically create the relevant grower invoice, calculate and save the appropriate supplier invoices for the fees and royalties into the GPS database, and post the relevant transactions into Sybiz.Net when required by the authorised user.

With having the right systems in place, Beta Spuds is able to grow, have more control over the invoicing and payment to their suppliers. It has more advanced reporting capabilities which provide Beta Spuds and its clients and suppliers with a better visibility and control.