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We’ll help you improve efficiency and give you peace of mind to expand your business.

AlphaBiz Solutions is a fully West Australian owned and operated company specialising in Information Systems for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s). We implement and build cost-effective, stable and cohesive Business Information Systems.


Our Mission is to provide relevant and resourceful business software systems, exemplary service and ongoing support that improves our clients lives by enhancing their business efficiency.
We aim to provide the best finance and management solutions to meet your businesses needs and specific industry requirements. We will implement solutions that help your business become more efficient with its operation and processes, maintaining and improving effective control, visibility, and profitability. With many years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering the right solution and continued support giving our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.


Our integrated information systems incorporate modules supporting Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management, Job and Project Costing, Service Management, Point of Sale (POS), Fixed Assets, Analytics, and Reporting. We also offer Payroll & HRM systems and hardware solutions which can be integrated into your new ERP system, creating a fully integrated business management solution. We can even customise your system to meet any unique or special needs of your business and specific industry requirements.


Commitment to Our Clients: Be Open and Honest with Respect & Professionalism

Our clients drive our world and their business needs are the best solutions we strive to provide! As you seek our professional advice, our commitment is to find the right solution for your specific needs and provide you and your team with exemplary service and ongoing support.

Our team understands the importance of client satisfaction by working smart and with urgency. Whether it’s a small job or large project our team understands that when clear goals are defined, documented and communicated all the way through, it provides to best opportunity deliver the desired outcomes for success.

Our culture is that of professionalism, courtesy, politeness, care and the willingness to go the extra mile for our clients and everyone we interact with.

Alphabiz solutions team

Director & Sybiz Specialist

Peter’s current charter is to provide critical thinking to complex business issues for our clients. Having been involved in providing computer-based Financial & ERP solutions to many hundreds of businesses throughout Australia & Ireland over the last 35 years, Peter has been fortunate to gain extensive knowledge in a wide range of industries. With university qualifications in Computer Science from UWA in 1984 (the same year that Microsoft released their first operating system) and the desire to continually learn new skills and expand his personal knowledge base, Peter brings a very practical and no-nonsense approach to creating unique solutions for our clients.

Having started his working life as a software developer and progressed over the years to be responsible for managing teams of Software Developers, ERP Consultants & Business Development Managers at various times, his exposure to work roles has needed to become a jack of all trades. Peter’s most recent responsibility has been to roll out major upgrades to many household names of the WA SME business world with the aim to significantly improve their business efficiency and bring their systems into the 21st century.

Director & MYOB Specialist

With a degree in Accounting and Computer Science, transforming the mid-market sector with hybrid-cloud ERP solutions is his passion. 

 As a founding Director of AlphaBiz Solutions, Shadi's role is to empower the team to lead, be challenged and inspire our clients by enabling their talent with the help of software technology to take their business to the next level. 

Shadi has experience in ERP Implementations, Business Development, Project Management, System Analysis, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Tailored Software Development and Organisational Process and Efficiency, allowing him to help any business get the best out of their chosen system.  

His passion extends to raising four kids with his wife Riehana, spiritual awareness, community involvement, learning from entrepreneurial leaders, personal development, bringing like-minded professionals together by networking and playing his part in the SME sector as a West Australian business owner. 

Project Manager
Systems & Business Development Manager

Sahira is a Project Manager, Software Developer and Database Analyst by trade and most recently has taken on the role as Business Development Manager. Having spent most of the last 6 years as a Software Engineer with Alphabiz Solutions, Sahira has been providing our clients with powerful and integrated software solutions, extending her already extensive knowledge in ERP systems and how they work for SME organisations, she is now able to provide guidance to businesses to help improve efficiency, increase productivity & provide real value to their businesses.

With her eagerness to help people combined with her excellent problem-solving skills, Sahira will strive to find a suitable affordable solution to whatever your needs are.

Originally from Brazil, Sahira trained as a Computer Engineer & PMO (Project Management Officer), starting her career in the Software Development area of the IT industry in 2001. In 2009 she decided to take a break and travel to Australia to learn English and has decided to make Australia her home. Sahira loves the beach, the people and the beautiful lifestyle that WA provides to us.

Jacqui Robb
Alia Walker
Support Consultant

Alia has completed studies in Accounting and Bookkeeping, Training and Assessing, Business Administration and Human Resources.

Alia’s career started as a support consultant for Telstra faults where her passion for customer service and problem-solving was formed. Her experience working with large corporations has given her insight into the importance of having strong, reliable systems in place. Alia has since worked in various finance roles in multiple industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Aged Care and she enjoys that she gets to utilise her experience in these industries working as a support consultant at Alphabiz.

Originally from Tasmania, Alia moved to Perth in 2014 to escape the cold. She loves the Perth lifestyle and the friends and family she has made here. Alia enjoys netball and is a huge fan of a night in with a cheese platter and a board game.

Anish Shah
EXO Support
Joanna Wu
EXO Consultant
Devi Ratnasari
Support Consultant
Dionne Herbert
Senior Business Consultant
Maryam Alhabsyi
Help Desk
Sam Memar
Support Consultant
Greg Mathews
Support Consultant
Michael Kerich
ERP Report Writer
Klaus Whitehead
IT Consultant
Arsalan Muhammad Amin Khan
Software Developer Analyst
Craig Brogle
Software Developer Analyst
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