Concur- Accounts Payable Automation


We’ll help you improve efficiency and give you peace of mind to expand your business.

Simplify the online travel booking experience and Reduce costs.

1. Search- Easily find what you need.Copy of Inventory (3).png

Concur Travel offers multiple ways to search for flights, hotels, rental cars and rail options from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

2. Book- More choices to get you there.

Access travel search results from multiple global distribution systems negotiated and published fares.

3. Expense: Take the work out of submitting expenses.

Simply snap a photo of receipts, and assign them to line items in your expense report.


 Mobile App
Concur® for Mobile streamlines business travel and gives travellers the flexibility to manage their itineraries on the go.

receipt E-receipts
Many travel suppliers automatically send e-receipts into Concur Expense, speeding the process of report creation and submission.

flight_takeoff Travel Request
Managers can approve, reject or request changes during an employee’s booking process, giving them more visibility.

 Broad Inventory
Content draws from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published prices, direct connect and web-only fares.

Standard reports give managers insight into what’s being spent on business travel around the business.

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